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Today, I was at the library, and had finally found the book I'd been looking for, when a man approaches me, says "The main character dies at the end", and walks away. FML
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Follow him around and when he picks up a book you've read do the sane thing ;)

Snape kills Dumbledore? Ah shit.


Follow him around and when he picks up a book you've read do the sane thing ;)

Thabb 0

I was just trying to be helpful, I mean, how much of your time did I save since you don't have to read that book?

Salty? Anyway unless that book was for some kind of report, you could have just got a different one.

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I think it'd be funny if OP did the insane thing.

Igotothegym 3

That would be weird

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The guy just made the book even more exciting.

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Shut up ******

Reminds me of the time I murdered a stripper and wrote a book about it... The police wrote a book about it too. They called it Case 2149-A

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He was probably just messing with you. I doubt he actually read the book

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Lupin, Snape, Fred, Dobby, etc etc etc...

i was seriously looking for a harry potter comment.

Tell him, "And YOU'RE gonna die too." Then give him a murderous look and an evil smile.

andy_l 14

The Great Gatsby.

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nick doesnt die

Some people just do that for fun. Chances are he didn't even read the book. I would have been more excited to read it, just to see if he was lying or not

I do that all the time it's hilarious

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Gatsby does.

I'm going to start saying that to everyone picking up books regardless of whether I've read the book or not and regardless of whether the main character dies or not!

Some people just ruin it for the rest of us

When I was watching Titanic, I was about 15 minutes into and my dad walked by and screamed JACK DIES

He wouldn't have died if the chica hadn't been so selfish, but had shared the makeshift rafter.

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That is so true, every time I watch that movie I think "they both could have fit on that door"

Littlemiss__LOL 0

Wouldn't the door sink if they were both on it?

Maddoctor 10

Probably not. Did you see how big the doors were on the Titanic's first class? In reality they probably would have kept each other warmer with the little body heat they still had to share.

rallets 22

Tell me, why did you toss the "blue heart of the ocean" jewel over the railing of Titanic? Did you feel bad at all letting Leo DiCaprio drown, while you were safe floating on the big door? Could you have taken turns, or were you just too afraid to freeze your big fat ass off?

Littlemiss__LOL 0

Well I guess not, but I'm pretty sure that the door was broken. If not, that bitch was just being selfish.

somebody always dies at the end.

Snape kills Dumbledore? Ah shit.

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Holy shit, you're hilarious.

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I remember some guys drove by a store that just released HP6 and they yelled "dumbledore dies!" to the crowd

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I don't get it. Some kindly explain?

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50 - but... somebody'd have to explain.. that explanation.

fthislyfe 22

One time my friend was talking about Harry Potter. I hadn't read the books but I was going to read them so I put my fingers in my ears the whole time. Some people are just...

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S.o.b, Iamnotmyself spoiler, haven't seen yet, ****** funny as hell though.

I remember trying to read HP6 and then my brother told me that dumbledore died at the end. I never picked up a HP book after that. I really hate it when people do that.

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Yeah we were going to read the Outsiders as a school assignment and a girl from the class that already read it yelled out "EVERYONE DIED" But they didn't... Ahh book trolls..

I always do that, dosn't matrer what book it is. Always gets people pissed off "He dies at the end you, knew that right" "This is a phone book, good sir" "... I knew that"

Spoiler of the Bible : Everyone Dies, The End.

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103, you do realize there was only one more book after that, right? Seriously, Dumbledore dying is old news by now. At least finish the series like a real fan.

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103, Except Jesus. Aw, damn. I spoiled the ending. :(

LOLbomb 1

Whoops. I meant 153. Ah well. >.>

just let him know that he's a dick for ruining a most likely good book!

Dobbie dies!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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I think that made me cry/almost cry

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Lol it made me cry, I remember fob or in HP2

You spelled Dobby wrong... >.>

bizarre_ftw 21

Harry potter? Cuz he didn't get it totally right.....

You do know there are books out there OTHER than Harry Potter, right?

gmc_blossom 21

Is there really? Oh, well that's news to me! D:

Harry Pothead rox ur sox but it goes to a point

Should ov thrown the book at him..

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You should of punched him!

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What book was it ?

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Hopefully breaking dawn so they all die but then OP would be dead to me for wanting to read such a thing

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OP is already dead to me for willingly going to a library.

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That's annoying but funny

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The Bible.

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Look at your picture

108 - your pic, name, and comment just made me shit my pants

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Spoiler alert.

What's the spoiler?

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Read 78s bio. Makes his comment all the more funny

I see what you mean haha. 78- he was talking about the spoiler that man told op.

No i'm just making fun of his spoiler alert, I know the man died during sex...