By tbreezy
Today, I called my ex-girlfriend to see if she would meet up with me so I could give her money to pay off the rest of the TV we had on layaway before we broke up. Turns out she cancelled it and took all the money I put into it. I put $500 down. FML
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By  mssileas  |  25

I figure, even if you got it together, if you're the one who paid, there should be some piece of paper stating that.

If that's the case, I'd make her aware of that because in that case what she's done is theft, and I'm pretty sure you can chew out someone at the company as well for just handing out money to anybody.

Anyway, I'm sorry OP, that's a pricey lesson you learned here.

By  ViviMage  |  38

Take your receipts showing you paid $500 toward the TV from the store and go to your store/bank/credit card stating it was cancelled and you never got a refund. Then sue the ex if this fails.

By  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

Everyone is saying that the OP should gather up all their receipts and stuff to prove that they paid for the television but if the OP was calling up their EX to see if they could give her the money to pay off the rest of the television, it is safe to say that the paperwork all tracks to the Ex because otherwise it would seem logical that the OP would just go to the store and pay it off themselves without dealing with the ex to begin with. On top of that, televisions can be expensive and since it was on Layaway that could mean that the ExGirlfriend had also put money, possibly equal to or greater than the money the OP originally put in especially since the layaway is apparently in the exgirlfriend's name, and if they had paid off what was due they would have still wound up with 1 television to split between 2 people. IMore details needed because it sounds like the OP should have thought of the refund when they broke up rather than paying off the remainder due.

By  krgoks  |  10

Come on guys - piece it together. The TV is in layaway under the ex's name. That is why he is meeting her. Why else go to her to pay off the rest of the TV? He is also bringing cash, which means there is no paper-trail. The store did nothing wrong returning the payment to the original depositor. To the OP: if you withdrew exactly or very close to $500 from the bank at the same time it was paid, that is your paper-trail; if she doesn't have her own job, that is a shred of proof that you paid for it, but she may still be entitled to half; and then either reach an agreement for 50%+ or take her to small claims court where you don't have to deal with having a lawyer.