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  milakitty21  |  0

sounds to me the cat found greener pastures
and op got jealous. so s/he tried to force kitty to return. be a better pet owner op and kitty won't go into a self imposed exhile.

  raphanne_fml  |  33

Then why do you press the reply button under #1's comment? What #17 was trying to point out is that you just did so your comment shows on top of the thread...

  dyble95  |  0

Life got serous
Oh so delirous
You smoke some Cush
Then you life's so lush
But then you notice your cat
Your cat!
You take your bat
Your bat!

That's not your cat
It's a rat
But you got your bat
So you swing at the rat


  yamatelle  |  19

Well my neighbor stole my pussy once. For revenge, I went and stole his cock. That didn't turn out so well for me because this cock wakes me up every morning with a hard wood. I miss her. Unlike this cock, the worst it could do was wet my bed.

  Brool_Story_Co  |  17

You don't know that, op may have resorted to stealing the cat back before talking to their neighbor, one of my friends was arrested because he was too stupid to talk to the guy who stole his phone, he just stole it back

  NeatNit  |  32

25, while I agree that the cat may have wandered to the neighbour on his own and simply asking for it back might have worked, what the hell do you think would happen if your friend asked for his phone back? The guy who stole it is a thief, no way talking to him would accomplish anything.