By Nekro_Kat - 10/08/2011 03:00 - United States

Today, I got caught trying to steal my own cat back from my neighbor. FML
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Nikki_ASW 0

If it's your cat how is it stealing?

Jvr91 8

Shit got real


Jvr91 8

Shit got real

Why the hell does your neighbor have your cat in the first place....?

andy_l 14

There's no crazy cat lady in your neighborhood?

zakkyzebra 11

Um. I don't think 1 has even stated that his neighbor has his cat?

andy_l 14

17, I was talking to the OP.

This was a Catrastophy.

elizabeth9m 4

At least you didn't get caught stealing from your girlfriend's house ?

zakkyzebra 11

21, in what way is my comment directed to you?

cyns0_oaSailor 0

21, I think 17 was referring to 13s comment

milakitty21 0

sounds to me the cat found greener pastures and op got jealous. so s/he tried to force kitty to return. be a better pet owner op and kitty won't go into a self imposed exhile.

andy_l 14

30, it was directly below my comment.

I know this one guy that gave his girlfriend his kidney and she left him right after that. Talk about stealing...

milakitty21 0


Share that pussy.

My comment was directed to the OP, smart one. Learn to read and comprehend my friend.

46, why must you be a comment whore? Your comment had no relevance to the original comment posted. Derp.

Then why do you press the reply button under #1's comment? What #17 was trying to point out is that you just did so your comment shows on top of the thread...

Thumb this down por favor. - or remove it (mod) I didn't mean to comment.

OPs' "neighbor" was really his new girlfriend and the "cat" was really her jewelry

SageAnonymous 6

This takes the saying 'crazy cat lady' to a whole new level. Even if your neighbors a guy.

dyble95 0

Life got serous Oh so delirous You smoke some Cush Then you life's so lush But then you notice your cat Your cat! You take your bat Your bat! That's not your cat It's a rat But you got your bat So you swing at the rat Fyl...

yamatelle 19

Well my neighbor stole my pussy once. For revenge, I went and stole his cock. That didn't turn out so well for me because this cock wakes me up every morning with a hard wood. I miss her. Unlike this cock, the worst it could do was wet my bed.

Shit just got real guys

Awwh poor kitty. Must be confused having to go back to a place where s/he ran away from

Jennyboo5797 4

Stealing another persons pussy?? You should both be ashamed! Tsk Tsk...

36- Or maybe the neighbor stole it. Dur.

Either way, it's still OP's cat, whether it ran away or got stolen.

"hey what's in that bag?" *meow* ._. "nothing!"

allanaskye 0

You spelled Kush wrong.

Why didnt OP just ask for it back?

on a scale of Rebecca Black to Beyonce that was Justin Bieber

leadrunner751 3

28- it certainly was a catrastophy... whatever that means

ohrlynao 0

Oh my, that sounds horrible, OP. You've gotta be kitten me!

proudmom2011 0

That sucks

kings1fan 6

This reminds me of the episode of Spongebob when Patrick and Spongebob fight over Gary!

Damn it that was a good episode. ^

daysgoby902 6

um okay?

fer realz, bruh? bruhnana, brahmagranite, brotato, brah brah black sheep, brohamed Ali, brohatma ghandi....want any more?

Nikki_ASW 0

If it's your cat how is it stealing?

today, my neighbor stole his own cat from me. fml

i guess he really wanted a pussy

Mipz 2

To note the fact that the neighbor had stolen it first. Duh.

Never take another mans pussy.

OP needs to stop being a pussy and just take back the cat.

Should have hired a ninja !

free2speak 14

how is it stealing if you own it?

OhbbyCx 6

Said neighbor really enjoys pussy. Cats.

^ oh that's what you meant? Well damn I thought you were talking about something else. Stupid me.

I was gonna say that but why did you have to "steal" it back?

logkitty 5

own? a cat? never!

You could have asked for it back instead of trying to steal it back

zakkyzebra 11

They have most likely already tried that.

You don't know that, op may have resorted to stealing the cat back before talking to their neighbor, one of my friends was arrested because he was too stupid to talk to the guy who stole his phone, he just stole it back

Hey can I have my cat back? You know the one you stole...

Sniff_N_Tickle 4

Why the hell would he have to ask for his OWN cat back... He should be able to just take it back

25, while I agree that the cat may have wandered to the neighbour on his own and simply asking for it back might have worked, what the hell do you think would happen if your friend asked for his phone back? The guy who stole it is a thief, no way talking to him would accomplish anything.

He still got arrested

preetaleet 9

Why does your neighbor have your cat and why must you steal it?

chocomilk82 0

ugh too many questions..

fahquad 4

Awkward more than FML unless your neighbor thinks the cat belongs to them

CAbullet_Caitlin 0

I hate it when that happens.

I hate it when my HIV test is positive

Llamassss 21

I hate it when my drug test is positive

55-Why did you not tell me this last night?

I hate it when combo breakers come into play.

He just wants to keep his new pussy.