By Travolta - 14/08/2011 04:50 - United Kingdom

Today, I went to a party. I tried dancing in public for the first time ever. Judging by the whispers, stares and giggles, I'm never doing it again. FML
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Eh, fuck em, there's no rules to dancing. Go get em!

Just shake your ass helps for me lol


Eh, fuck em, there's no rules to dancing. Go get em!

Everything is allowed if you shuffle like crazy!

what kind of dancing were you attempting to do?

YDI for going to the party, you shoulda stayed home and planned terrorist attacks lol .

That's horrible.

lol stfu 14 yr old go play with your colored crayons

The only way you can really have fun is when you stir up trouble. So let them stare and talk about you ... life's too short.

The sprinkler never fails to please a crowd

Colored crayons? Lol... Last time I checked all crayons were colored.. ;p

22-go stir shit and shuffle elsewhere Dirty fucken lads...

They weren't whispering about your dancing, they were muttering anti-Semitic remarks.

-10 I have a feeling he was dancing like Carlton from Fresh Prince :/

Back in my day we called it the boogy

They were giggling and staring becaused they loved the way you shake your ass go ahead and give them some thing to talk about

Wtf is the matter with you are u al queda ???? And op u shouldn't care dancing is a way too express yourself ;)

It's Al Qaeda you moron .

Aww yeh yeh eshays lad!

all crayons are colored.... if you find one that's not I'd love to see it

31- last time I check black and white arn't colors

106, stop pouring your apple juice in captain Morgan bottles to look bad ass. No, no you do not have any captain in you

No white is the absence of color

Just shake your ass helps for me lol

Sounds like Elaine from Seinfeld.

And THAT, dear children, is why the Truffle Shuffle is not to be utilized in public.

There would have been more stares and whispers if an 80 year old was break dancing!

nice dp, bit dated?

Your retarded

I think this post is just like your profile pic.

Commenter, your avatar tells the truth

109, so does yours.

They should have just cheered you on. But they did the opposite, so they can get fucked if you ask me. GET OUT THERE AND DANCE! :D

It's not for everyone I guess

Well I wouldn't let that stop me from dancing. I love dancing like an idiot when I'm in the mood for it... And I don't give a damn if people are making fun of me or not. Keeeeeep on dancinnn'!

etc* and people who just HAVE no common sense. Thought I'd help you out there with your profile info.

I'd say "an FML" instead of "a FML", too.

Will you marry me??

Just dance, gonna be okay.....

Just dance, spin that record babe ...

Da da doo doo just dance gonna be okay Da da da dance, dance, dance just ju ju just dance.

Wish I could shut my playboy mouth, oh oh oh-oh.

How'd I turn my shirt inside out (inside out, right)

Control your poison babe, roses have thorns they say :)

We are getting hosed* tonight. Oh oh oh-oh *Wait, is it hosed or hoes???

What's going on, on the floor? I love this record but I can't see straight anymore.

"Live like theres no tomorrow, Work like you don't need the money, Dance like nobodies watching." :) I too am only good at certain dances, and I suck at others.

if you're having fun who cares about them.

Exactly. Don't give up on dancing in public. Just learn how to dance better. Its not hard. Watch videos, play dancing games, ask your friends, take classes, etc... Dancing is super fun. Just enjoy yourself. I hate when people refuse to dance because they "suck at it". I would rather dance with someone who sucks at dancing than them standing around awkwardly or sitting down somewhere. =D