By fucking pissants - 13/07/2012 19:08 - United Kingdom

Today, I sold yet another £100 bottle of lotion to a stuck-up teenage fashionista with less brain-power than the yapping bastard of a dog she carried in her arms. She did nothing but brag the whole time about her jewelry, and openly mocked me for only making minimum wage. FML
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Yes, but you get to laugh behind their back because the £100 lotion is really worth less than a pile of dog shit, and they don't know what the **** they are doing.


Kick her in the vag. And pray that her parents cancel her credit card, and she has to return that shit to you, so you can kick her in the vag again...

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I love your use of words, OP.

I think the dog should be called a bitch or a son of a bitch because a bitch is a girl dog. And the dog is a dog. So it works. Yeah...

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Llamacod 11

then she'd probably be fired, even if the little bitch of a customer deserved it

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Wam bam right in the clam..... Game ovaries.

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OP: I recommend you add your own secret sauce to the lotion so that the next time anyone does this to you, you'll be able to take pleasure in knowing that they're rubbing your manjuice all over themselves. Crude, yes, but it sounds like it's probably a typical Thursday evening for her.

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#14 Your comment reminds me of this: What did you say, NYGUUH!? *SMACK* Look at ya! You was spoutin' all dat GOOD SH*T a second ago, but then you went and got KICKED IN YO CHEST! YOU EAT A D*CK NYUGGUH! YOU EAT A D*CK!

Replace the lotion with acid...dumb bi*** will never be able to tell

Yes, but you get to laugh behind their back because the £100 lotion is really worth less than a pile of dog shit, and they don't know what the **** they are doing.

You should have been like Janice Ian and put foot cream in the lotion bottle!

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Why would she need expensive hand lotion? It's not like she's using it like how guys do...

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"like how guys do" You mean masturbation? I beat off with the cheapest stuff I can find and save my money for taking Dorothy Mantooth out to a nice dinner. I won't call her back.

Very true, but the whole point of "designer brand" or "special organic" bullshit is to separate rich people from their money. They're not paying for quality, they're paying for the sense of superiority.

Exactly. Ridiculously expensive stuff is a status symbol. It's basically saying "I'm so rich I can poss away tons of money on stupid shit like a bottle of lotion."

2, I'd rather take being equally as rich and not working for minimum wage...I mean really, if the only up side is knowing you're not wasting your money but you're who's wasting their life doing something they hate for basically nothing then that's not much of a silver lining. This is one of those times those snide underhanded but complimenting comments would come in handy.

Little bitch will get her fair share of bad karma when she grows up, just wait and see.

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Maybe karma is on alert. What if she was the best person ever in her past life and so is getting spoiled for it now. Little does she know; shell get paid back in her next life for acting like this in her current one.

robinhood007 9

Well calling them crazy is wrong. Reincarnation makes just as much sense as anything else. I'm agnostic by the way. Religion has nothing to do with this though. She's a brat now and there's nothing we can do about it regardless if she is reincarnated as a snail, goes to hell, or god/s know what.

robinhood007 9

Not an argument. Just some education. Good day to you as well.

How is Jesus his own father? Rather, we eat the body and blood of a godlike entity who was immaculately conceived by a father who created him. For the sole purpose of being killed.

Unfortunately that isn't how karma works.

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Or she'll end up like Paris Hilton...lifes a bitch

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Should have told her you are out of that lotion. She is just a stuck up bitch. You rock OP

I hate girls like her who only mooch off of their parents money and then go around flaunting their pretty new things in other peoples faces...its like **** off..its not even you money!! You have a lot of self control OP...because if that was me who knows what I would have said to her.

You don't actually know how she came into money. She could have done child acting or modeling and such to make her own money. It pays quite well and all you really have to do is look good. I hate people who judge others without facts; "It's like **** off," you don't know her.

Because if you make money by modeling or acting instead, you have all the rights to metaphorically spit in someone face because they have a minimum wage job? Based on this fact, I'd say she's still a bitch.

146; You just dug yourself a hypocritical don't know me so I could tell YOU to **** off and let me speak my opinion because usually child actors or child models aren't around without body guards or parents and if they are that means they aren't famous thus they aren't earning a boat load. And plus this ones isn't a child..OP clearly states it is a teenager (:

147, The comment was about young people flaunting that they have money. That's not the same as putting down and mocking others like this bitch in the FML. They were right, if they've just gone out and bought expensive shit then good for them, you don't know for sure that they're spending their parents money. 156, How is what they said hypocritical? They were quoting you, and pointing out why saying such a thing is stupid...thats not hypocritical. And what happens to child actors and models when they grow up? You realise they grow up right? It says it's a teenager, good for you for reading, this means they'd be out and about without...uh...body guards. Their point was simply don't judge them because you don't know whether they earned the money themselves.

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Angry people. Just love everyone has a right to their own opinion. :)

I'm not angry so much as I just enjoy angering people and/or insulting their intelligence.

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6- Your bio makes me cringe. It sounds like you think you are on a dating website. Also, take down your damn phone number. You are just asking for some creep to come find you.

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Not all of them are bad. My friends at school and I are fairly mature (and I don't do stuff like mock or boast, like the little jerk in this FML). I'd just say 'Damn stuck up princesses' if I were you.

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I know several hard working teenagers, who are supporting themselves. I hate blanket statements like this.

On every single teen-related FML, someone will post this. No clarification, no explanation, just, "Ugh, teens. Damn teens. Teens are so immature." No. Immature people are immature. I know quite a few teens that are more focused, dedicated, calm and mature than I could ever hope to be as a teen myself; I also know adults who ignore their kids and responsibilities to party because they're "old and can do whatever [they] want." THAT'S pretty immature. There are also, of course, extremely petty teens and adults who can handle their lives really well. It depends on the person, really- in fact, with teens, you can go a year being one way and suddenly do a 180 and be something completely different. Really, people have probably been saying things like, "Damn teens," since the second generation of the world. Every generation is a "damn teen" because things change, rules change, and things considered socially acceptable change. No matter how hard you try, people will always go, "But that's not how we did it." With technology moving so fast, even other teens are cashing in with that self-righteous phrase ("Wow, an eight year old with a phone. I never had that… kids nowadays! Not that phones now have completely different capabilities than back then, and are now more toy than phone, anyways… and not that I've never had an expensive toy in the past… it's still ridiculous!") Yeah, anyways, that's my rant. Teens don't suck, certain people who may or may not be teenagers suck including some of the older people that think the world is regressing with every damn generation. /really freaking long rant

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TL;DR: STFU, Not all teens are immature.

Guess what, shit-dick? That's your job. Get used to it.

Judging from your typing, you're one too, but if you're an adult.... well damn that sucks. By the way, I'm a teenager for future reference.

Not all of them of course. But most of them are stupid. Like this one kid named Alex I know. He is rich and stupid. Rich + stupid = hurts them self. He gets hurt a lot because he can afford to fund his stupid ideas.

Who buys anything for 100 pounds? I'd invest my money on more important things than lotion.

robinhood007 9

People who don't ever have to worry about money. I mean I can honestly say that if I had that kind of money from birth I probably wouldn't think about spending money either and anyone who says otherwise is most likely lying to themselves. We are a product of our surroundings. Hers happens to be filled with money. But that also doesn't give anyone the right to be an ass

I agree with you, #81. Judging her for what she chooses to spend her money on doesn't make anyone better than her. Her frivolity is keeping OP employed. We all have different notions of what's valuable; having and spending money doesn't make you a bad person anymore than being poor makes you a good one. However, talking shit about a person because of their employment status is a dick move so FYL for that, OP. Don't waste time on the stuck up princess and, if you're not already, consider looking for a job where you won't be bombarded with people you detest.

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I don't want to brag, but I was born into a family with money :/ and I don't spend my dads well earned parents had me out finding something i enjoyed and could work at since i was 15. It's about how the parents raise their kids. Teach them the value of a dollar and you won't have brats :)

I originally thought she should switch out the lotion, but your idea sounds better.

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Don't worry OP your time will come