By Anonymous - 13/01/2011 23:00 - United States

Today, while working at a dollar store, I was clobbered by a woman because apparently, I was ripping her off by charging two dollars for two doughnuts. She didn't understand that she couldn't buy multiple items at once for one dollar. FML
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The people that shop at dollar stores...

Do you have brains at that $1 shop? You should sell one to her.


The people that shop at dollar stores...

... are awesome!!!

Hidan_fml 0

She must be a bad driver, too.

Me_iz_a_Bboy 0

Ydi for working at a dollar store.

Why would you even by a donut from the dollar store? Especially when you can get a fucking delicious "Hot Now" donut from Krispy Kreme... for $0.69... And it's fucking delicious.


doughnuts r usually around 69 cents each here in California

thatguy888 0

haha 69

this is like a double fml plus a bonus fml because you work at a dollar store and what happened. the Bonus is that the lady was buying a doughnut at the dollar store. wow.

About $0.90 here in Canada's Tim Hortons.

correction! 0.95$ there is a 5 cent tax

#55, yeah wish u could get one of them for 69 cents too lol

lol indians would

''America: Fuck yeah!''

You guys do realize there's a Canadian/American exchange rate?

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you deserve it for working at a dollar store because that is how much your worth. lol jk that sucks. :(

Ninjasaurus18 9

Please tell me you were only joking about the first part... Because if not, someone should beat the shit out of you; some people are high schoolers or college students an can't get a CEO job. Duh. Dumbass.

There's a button for that.

This experience should be on Not Always Right just for the sheer failure of the customer.

heyheywaddup 7

well it's ur job to explain it to her

sparta98 4

It really doesn't require explanation, HHW... Sorry OP, you sold doughnuts to a brick.

The customers always right. ;)

Aha I understand. I work at a gas-station. ad that's all my manager tells me.

ever seen

before I read the last part I thought oh my god you are my hero! everyone who works with customers wants to do this. it's a shame customers can act as they want to us but bc we are at work we have to bite our tongue and are defenseless.

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I'd hit it ;)

Shit that's not true at my work! lol people always trying to buy shit cheaper. just have to call for a "Price check" and if the customer is wrong we straight up tell em.. but in a kind way

FreshSalad 1

a dollar a donut seems like a rip off to me...

that's how much donuts usually are

Do you have brains at that $1 shop? You should sell one to her.

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*palmslaps face* this is why I hate people.

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^this. (can I do that when it's my own comment?)

Dangg y'all are so pessimistic man, it's depressing... I love everyone, (: People are awesomeee!

A dollar for one doughnut? That's expensive for a dollar store.

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I know, dude! It's crazy up in there.

Honestly one donut here can come times be like $2-3 or more so that seems pretty fair to me

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I agree with #6 that is kind of a rip off