By Anonymous - 13/01/2011 23:00 - United States

Today, while working at a dollar store, I was clobbered by a woman because apparently, I was ripping her off by charging two dollars for two doughnuts. She didn't understand that she couldn't buy multiple items at once for one dollar. FML
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The people that shop at dollar stores...

Do you have brains at that $1 shop? You should sell one to her.


The people that shop at dollar stores...

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She must be a bad driver, too.

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Ydi for working at a dollar store.

Why would you even by a donut from the dollar store? Especially when you can get a ******* delicious "Hot Now" donut from Krispy Kreme... for $0.69... And it's ******* delicious.

doughnuts r usually around 69 cents each here in California

this is like a double fml plus a bonus fml because you work at a dollar store and what happened. the Bonus is that the lady was buying a doughnut at the dollar store. wow.

#55, yeah wish u could get one of them for 69 cents too lol

You guys do realize there's a Canadian/American exchange rate?

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you deserve it for working at a dollar store because that is how much your worth. lol jk that sucks. :(

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Please tell me you were only joking about the first part... Because if not, someone should beat the shit out of you; some people are high schoolers or college students an can't get a CEO job. Duh. Dumbass.

This experience should be on Not Always Right just for the sheer failure of the customer.

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well it's ur job to explain it to her

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It really doesn't require explanation, HHW... Sorry OP, you sold doughnuts to a brick.

Aha I understand. I work at a gas-station. ad that's all my manager tells me.

before I read the last part I thought oh my god you are my hero! everyone who works with customers wants to do this. it's a shame customers can act as they want to us but bc we are at work we have to bite our tongue and are defenseless.

Shit that's not true at my work! lol people always trying to buy shit cheaper. just have to call for a "Price check" and if the customer is wrong we straight up tell em.. but in a kind way

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a dollar a donut seems like a rip off to me...

Do you have brains at that $1 shop? You should sell one to her.

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*palmslaps face* this is why I hate people.

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^this. (can I do that when it's my own comment?)

Dangg y'all are so pessimistic man, it's depressing... I love everyone, (: People are awesomeee!

A dollar for one doughnut? That's expensive for a dollar store.

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I know, dude! It's crazy up in there.

Honestly one donut here can come times be like $2-3 or more so that seems pretty fair to me

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I agree with #6 that is kind of a rip off