By Matt - United States
Today, I woke up in a daze after a long night drinking. I felt a subtle nudge on my shoulder. I was at my ex-girlfriends house, passed out on top of her, with no pants on. Her dad was, in so many words, informing me that I had to leave immediately. FML
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  iKaite  |  0

Did you sit and wait for your chance to prove you are a moron? Do you wait, with baited breath, refreshing the page every four seconds to get the first post? Or perhaps you have worked out a timetable of times that the FML's are posted from the server, and already have your comment copied to clipboard to paste with obvious ignorance to the disdain you cause. Yes, you my friend, are the classic troll, and I have to congratulate you on your quite obvious idiocy.

  KumoFF7  |  3

shut the fuck up number 34.
If you don't care then why would you even bother to comment about it? obviously you do.
what, are you jealous that you didn't get first so you call him an idiot for announcing it? Grow up.

  FarSide  |  22

If I were daddy, I would have taken a frying pan and beat your bare-ass until your nose bled for disrespecting my daughter . As soon as your tortured red ass went flying through the closed window, guess whose ass would have been next??? Yep, my daughter's. For being so stupid to (re)connect up with sorry scum like you.

No doubt I would have gone to jail; but what was left of your torn-up ass would have gone to the coroner.

  iKaite  |  0

No actually, I didnt wait to get first, hence the 34th position. I just get pissed off at the morons that yell OMG FIRsT!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111 on every new post.


Lol iKaite while it is annoying it's just stupid to react to these "First!" posts. Amazingly, people don't actually care that they're first- they just want an opportunity to annoy the easily irritable FML community. The same goes for people posting sexist/homophobic/racist/etc. posts. Honestly, if I ever do get first post, I'll be very tempted to post "OMG !!111!!! FIRST!" just to get an angry reaction out of people.


lol oh yes cos being first is such an achievement.. no really, i agree with 34.. its not like we're stupid.. we CAN SEE that you're first.. if ur gonna comment on a post make it worth while.. yay im numner 3405.. who wants to touch me?? maybe im like royalty now or something..

But to Matt.. dude that sucks hey.. ha ha sorry but i couldnt help but laugh.. sounds like a scene in hangover.. nice

  samir1996  |  0

I don't understand why you would get pissed off?? All you have to do is scroll down not rage and cry because someone posted before you. UNLESS! Maybe YOU secretly want to be first!

  GelatinFemur  |  0

This is EXACTLY what I was going to say. Pretty much when I read "after a heavy night of drinking" my mouse was hovering over You deserved it. I read it checking for if he was with any friends, and, not finding anything, pressed it.

Totally deserved it.