By Anonymous - 14/12/2010 04:13 - United States

Today, at my new job, I took some food out to a customer. Walking away, I heard a lady mumble, "Oh my God, you could never pay me enough to wear that." FML
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Look on the bright side OP, at least you are being paid enough to wear that! :)


Your dog looks awesome. what breed is it may I ask? :D

^^OH NO YOU DIDN'T! this reminds me of when I visited the ninja restaurant in japan. all staff were dressed as ninja. And I though they looked the same before...

atticuz 2

I'm sorry you work at Hot Dog on a Stick

lmao 30. I like. OP uhh hmmmph. if it's a uniform then who cares doesn't matter. butt if it's your own clothing YDI.

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I'd take the dog on the right any day .

It looks like a Siberian Husky or a Malamute...? I think so :)

maybe that lady was one of those kids who mommy & daddy paid for everything and she never had to work until after college. how nice it must be to have that kind of lifestyle. not everyone is so lucky, at least you are working tho. some ppl can't get jobs.

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I agree with 22 and 37. oooh the things I would do, to mrs 22. we would lay in a bed, while I get some head, id play some black ops, shed play with my black c---

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Look on the bright side OP, at least you are being paid enough to wear that! :)

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So? It's just your uniform. Be grateful, some people don't even have jobs where they would be forced to wear a hideous getup.

Yeah, not everyone can work at Hooter's.

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ah hooters exposed cleavage hot wings and some of them have bars God I love america

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Hahaha. What's the worst uniform you've ever seen?

generalasskicker 12

hmm I can't remeber what the establishment was but a girl was dressed as a mushroom in Biloxi

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generalasskicker 12

yeah I waved at her and she flipped me off

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Haha she was probably just butt hurt about having to wear a giant mushroom.

If you can't handle 1 (prob jealous) lady saying that, Hooters isn't a good job for you! I've been called a ***** & much worse during 3 years at Hooters, esp by women!

should have told her youd gladly pay her tomorrow for a cheese buger today...wait what?

giantsfan2010 23

Pffft snobs. I bet she is obese too.

so at least you only have to wear it at work

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Money comes with sacrifice. Be thankful you have a job.