By Anonymous - / Saturday 25 April 2009 12:49 / Canada
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Agreed. How immature. The OP wrote this FML with the punchline being "My credit card was declined", while everyone is just commenting on the "to show her" part. Again, how very immature.


Agreed. The saleswoman was just saying that because there are others for them to convince to buy things so their business makes more money. They are, in fact, much less productive in fulfilling their jobs as salespeople than if they were to talk to other, more reliable, shoppers.

I can see why a comment like that would upset you, but you just should have brushed it off. It's not worth 500 dollars just to prove something to someone you'll probably never see again.

so you just buy something because someone said you wouldn't buy? if I said you're not jumping off a cliff, would you than do it? Capitalism is never gonna die with stupids like you

You didn't need to "show her", but I can get why you did. It's pretty rude for them to assume you aren't buying anything, because they are judging you on your clothes, hair, purse etc without even knowing you. Instead, you should have walked out of the dressing room and said "Well NOW I'm not buying anything" and left.

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