By Shauna - 10/11/2012 09:02 - United States - Jacksonville

Today, it was my birthday. I finally got the PS3 I've been asking for, for a long time. When I opened the box, I didn't find a PS3, but a bunch of clothes that my mom put in my brother's PS3 box. FML
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/Agree. But seriously, if your brother has one, then play his.

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I don't get why everyone is assuming she has a brother, much less that he has a PS3. OP could be an only child, for all we know.

For her birthday get her a keychain and put it in an expensive jewelry box.

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Hehe. Wait. Oopsie. I was still tired. Just ignore my comment ^^ (I thumbed myself down once I saw my mistake...)

34, please re-read the fml. It clearly says that she has a brother.

This wouldnt happen if you asked for an xbox...

I agree with 56. If you asked for an Xbox she wouldn't have put the clothes in a PS3 box. She would have gone with an Xbox box.

Don't worry 42, I've managed to do things even dumber than that.

I guess US siblings are untouchables, in my country we share everything other than undies. (Materialistic things), we would rather share and get teabagged, than not share it

80 I have a sister (my only sibling) and me, my dad my mom and my sister share an Xbox and a Wii. Me and my sister shared an iPod once also (no my mom and dad did not pay for it themselves. I saved up money and got it.) So yeah.

When I got my X-Box 360 back in '08 my mom had put it in a huge Macy's box :)

Me and my sis still share to this day and we are grown and live in different houses. In fact I'm on my way to get a key made so she can use my pool and hot tub when I'm not home since she just moved down the street from me. When I was little and the nes came out, our parents wouldn't get us one. She was working at the time and bought it knowing I'd use it more. When she moved out, she left it for me to use.

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It mentions her brother in the FML

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42 - What? Did you just apologize? Are you trying to break the Internet??

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116 - No! I'm sorry! OH NO I DID IT AGAIN!!

Why are people saying that op deserves it for not sharing when that's clearly not the point of the FML. The FML is that her mum deliberately made her believe that she was getting something that she was hoping for when she hadn't. If the mum can't afford it or thought that she should share then fine, accept the mums decision or buy your own; but, misleading her just for the fun of it is cruel!

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Nah she's a girl, why would she need a ps3? Should have got a toaster or something.

Ladies and gentleman, there is your sexist comment of the day.

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I am selling mine if you are interested.

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Yeah, but at least he got something. Some families are too poor to even offer gifts. Be grateful for everything you get!

*she. I love how people are assuming its a guy because they want an ps3

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A ps3 that the brother already has. I wouldnt buy each of my kids there own ps3 either, probably wouldnt set it up like that though.

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She seems sexist. As if, she wants a "pretty daughter" and not a "tomboy".

How is OP's mom a bitch? I'm sorry, maybe OP's mom isn't rich enough to buy her children 2 of the same game console. Maybe it was a prank gone wrong, we wouldn't know. I don't think OP's mom was trying to be mean to OP directly.

i wouldnt really call her a bitch just a evil old lady without a heart :p

A lot of people buy their children clothes on Birthdays and special occasions. While I am not a parent and wouldn't personally know why, I'm guessing it is because children need new clothes all the time, so it would be best to get them when you are spending more money on your kids than usual, like a birthday or Holiday. Not sure how that would be sexist. Still pretty mean to put the clothes in a misleading box like that.

That is ridiculously unfair. She should have at least put a PS Vita at the bottom!

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#33- Are you serious?!? I've been a handheld gamer since the early 90's, (thank you very much adulthood, and only having time to game on the go) and the Psvita is a gamers dream come true! Console like games, multi-touch screens, front and rear facing camera's, movies, music, web browsing, and netflix all in a sleek, sexy dual analog wrapped package! You madam/sir, need to re-evaluate your spelling prowess. S-u-c-k is not how you spell Awesome!

It doesn't suck. It's just that they didn't sell well, which makes it appear that they suck.

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Says the girl who claims her life sucks -edit/double post I don't caaaare-

I agree, if his brother already has the game console, why don't they share it? So what if they fight over it? They'll learn the life lesson of taking turns. My siblings (3) and I are all gamers. But we like different types of games. For example, I'm the old school nintendo64 and super nintendo gamer, and my brother is the fps and online gamer. Yeah we fight for time to play our own games, but those times where you need to wait 6 hours to play the game you want to play, you can spend those 6 hours of waiting doing something productive, like homework, cleaning the house, even a part time job.

If OP was ungrateful, the FML would've read "Today, it was my birthday. Instead of getting a PS3, I got a bunch of clothes. FML" The fact that the clothes were purposely put in a PS3 box gives OP the right to complain a little.

Stop wanting such expensive presents. I can see it as maybe the major Christmas gift, but a birthday? You're greedy.

How? What if it was a big birthday? Or he had asked for it at Christmas, didn't get it and his brother did get one. Saying someone should only ask for big presents at Christmas is a bit silly since that's when prices go up for presents

Also, what if OP doesn't celebrate Christmas?

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Why Christmas and not birthday?! That's stupid! Christmas you have to buy presents for multiple people, meaning its harder to spend allot of money on just one gift. Birthday, it's all about you, there is more money to spend. I think you have your interpretation of Christmas all wrong.

I don't that's such a big present either. My parents bought a second ps3 and a second Xbox just the other day for entertainment purposes. Who needs a DVD player when PS3s play blue ray?!

I agree with whoever said that prices are high around Christmas so it's easier to get stuff on birthdays. Like my birthday, prices aren't high near September 14th!

Christmas isn't about spending money and buying gifts for everyone, it's about love and kindness.

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It sucks though if your birthday is around Christmas, cause then you don't get any presents for the rest of the year.

I get nothing for my birthday other than dinner but I get stuff at Christmas. Doesnt bother me.

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Greedy? All the kid did was want something and get upset that his mother tricked him into thinking he got it. Plus, he said he's been asking for one for a while now.

What if OP is Jewish? Didn't think of that did ya? XD

Das ****** up, yo. When her birthday comes around, put candy inside of a jewelry box.