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Today, I was called an 'unhelpful little bitch' by a customer, after I informed her that we couldn't order a pair of shoes she wanted from the company in her size because it's a discontinued model. This little tirade continued for another few minutes, with her insulting me and my intelligence. FML
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what does intelligence have anything to do with shoes in stock.


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Or just tell her to shut up and stop living in the past.

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Yeah then you'll be looking for another job

I prefer the Steven Tyler approach, screeching "walk this way!" as loud as I can while flaunting my sexy body. Shake that booty Steven. Shake it hard.

OP could make this ironic and throw a shoe at her George bush style.

It gets to a point, even in retail, where you can tell a customer you won't help them anymore. I've never seen a single person get in trouble for doing that when a customer is being a moron and cussing up a storm. The whole "customer is right" bullshit is what makes these entitled assholes feel like special snowflakes and sometimes you have to communicate in a professional way that their actions aren't tolerated.

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I don't get paid enough to be personally insulted by customers. I have always done what I can but of they insult me I have a manager take are of them. Maybe my managers are just nice but I've never gotten in trouble for getting higher powers for angry customers.

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Give her some shoes to the god damn face!!

When customers acted this way to me, I just smiled and tried not to laugh in their face. If they continued I apologized for not being able to help, and walked away.

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Its fate.sometimes its happens. we can't escape fate by changing jobs.

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Working retail ******* sucks.

Wow, if everyone changed jobs every time they got a shitty customer, you'd be changing jobs every other week. Through my experience, I've found it is best to listen to everything they have to say, resist on wacking them, smile and say "Sorry but that's the way it works" and walk away. Or if they do insult you, I have chucked customers out for that. You can't get in trouble for it, you don't have to listen to their shit.

3- If you had any experience in the retail industry you would know that that is not an option. Customers will follow you around the store. In this scenario, the customers behaviour was uncalled for, but you make an effort to fill the customers needs. If you cant and they still complain, then tell them to make a fornal complaint to the company, or seek assistance from a manager. I deal with customers all the time day to day. If you cant help them offer a suggestion as to maybe someone who can....

Costomers will follow...blah blah blah...somebody tell #34 we have to post comments not lectures. But I like what u said.

Piccalo, someone needs to tell you that you have the mind of a common house fly over dog shit. But I like your dedication.

41- Perhaps if you had spelled the first word of your comment correctly, I might have agreed with you. Good try though, A for effort.

41- i will write any response to get my point of view across. Its not my problem if some people have the attention span of a goldfish. Thank you and have a nice day:)

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I thought the comment was very helpful and not a lecture at all. It is something to keep in mind when you have to work any job. You are being paid to listen to people, sometimes they get angry. You might want to walk away or scream at them, but sometimes that costs you your job. Dignity is important, but so is making sure you have a source of income. That woman had no right to speak to Op that way but Op seems to know her stuff because she didn't make a mess of her job by screaming back. Sometimes the stronger person is the one who does not let temper tantrums or not getting their way make them angry. Sort of like getting angry over someone sharing their life experience with you is irrational. No one forces you on here.

34- I work at a major retail chain.I can't stand customers like that..and I work in the ghetto part of town so they're ALL like that.

I've had a few 'ghetto' customers, the men are ok but the women... They never want to accept that they need a bigger size and get shitty when I suggest it, even though they can't even fit into the smaller size. I have quite a lot of posh customers, they are awful, so stuck up and demanding. Once a customer kept on asking for clothes, I brought them to her, shocked that I managed to fufil every demand, she then asked for a jumper with an elephant on it. I honestly couldn't tell if she was joking or not. Turns out, she wasn't, and when she bought the clothes, she then said we have a very little choice range, because we didn't have anything with elephants...

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and you let that bother you,why?

Probably because no one should get yelled at for doing their job correctly? It's also a comment on how crappy our society is, what was the OP supposed to do? Pull the shoe out of thin air? I work retail and I've had to tell customers this, that, or the other item isn't available before. No one has yelled at me and called me unhelpful. Customers need to have more realistic expectations, it's not OPs fault the manufacturer stopped making what she was looking for.

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I think...that what 4 was going for was that OP shouldn't feel any worse of themselves because of something a stranger least that's the only logical thing I can turn her comment into >_

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I once worked at a shoe store and someone asked me what size a pair of shoes were, and I calmly said te size should be on the box. yeah, they threw those shoes at me and stormed off.

should of walked away and called security on her.

I'm surprised you stood there and took it. Make an excuse and leave next time! The customer also sounds like an idiot

You should have told her to "GTFO bitch"

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I can just imagine her saying, "GEE TEE EFF OH, BITCH."

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Stupid, some people really need to listen before they go and argue about something...

what does intelligence have anything to do with shoes in stock.

10- Or should have thrown a shoe at her head. See if she enjoys that. OP, you deserve a job where the customers aren't complete idiots.

Everyone deserves that. I got fired cause a gay guy was hitting on me 24/7. Reported sexual harrasment and it turned out being my bosses son. Guess who got fired.