By maleficunt - 03/06/2014 20:44 - United Kingdom - Cannock

Today, a customer yelled at me so furiously that she sprayed my face with spittle. I had to stand there, smiling and politely explaining that I needed to see a receipt before I could give her a refund. When she finally gave up and left, my boss bitched me out for "provoking the customer". FML
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Retail: basically the middle man to take everyone's abuse.

lil_miss_simran 15


Retail: basically the middle man to take everyone's abuse.

I never had any problems working retail. Although, I'm 6'4" 220 pounds...

Roskosity 22

I've never had problems either. They're too afraid to complain.

19 - I wish I was taller then. Being 5'9" certainly does not help when I cannot intimidate anyone merely by my height. And yes, I am intimidated by anyone 6' and taller and won't complain to them.

OochenSnoochen 15

They should have a national abuse the customers day. I wouldn't mind seeing some of these pricks get what they deserve.

Well if you always look like you do I'm your profile picture I'd be too scared also!xD

#41 that's the best idea I've ever heard. Think about it. 1 day where employees can talk back to customers and not get fired for it. I will sign that petition.

kayteakay 26

Any customer service job is enough to make you wish for death.

lil_miss_simran 15

some people take "the customer is always right" way to serious.

Your boss and that customer are total douche bags, I would look for a new job.

lolhailsatan 23

That is yuck as ****, sorry op

jojimugo 20

Now that's an expression you don't see often "yuck as ****"

badluckalex 23

Your english is "yuck as ****."

For some reason "yuck as ****" seriously made me giggle like a little kid. I'm now determined to use it in as many situations as possible! Hubby: "The cat just puked on your shoes... Me: "Ewww that is so yuck as ****!"

Then you respond and 'accidentally' get some back on her. Whoops...

yzzami 17

Maybe your smile looked condescending *gets thrown out of boardroom meeting window*

PresidentNorth 16

Well the last straw happened when the customer spit on you. Go on and drop kick that customer and your boss for being dicks.

Explain to your boss I am sure he will understand, retail sucks :(

EphMi 5

this sounds like a case of "its not what you say but how you say it."

I also work in retail and quite often have to refuse sale of alcohol to those without ID. The worst I've had is a customer screaming at me for it and throwing the basket and the cans of beer at me, I got a written warning for processing customer refusals incorrectly and leaving my till mid service to go wash my face off and sort myself out! Retail is a bitch, particularly customer service roles, but despite all of the crap that you get everyday, I found that if I can just improve one person's day then it's makes it worthwhile!

13, What a great outlook and attitude! I commend you on it. If only more people looked at their job and their life as a way of bringing others up and encouraging them then the world would be a match happier life.

Never worth it.. In the end its the corporates who take away all the money, fame & credits. Go get a life dear before time runs out, life is too short too take all this crap.. soon you will realize you are in your 70's and still working in that same position.

59, surely it's that mindset that keeps us in a society where 'it's not worth it' to put a smile on people's faces? Happiness is by far the most essential part to life, how you get it is down to you. For me it's making those around me cheer up and smile, to me that makes it well 'worth it'! :)