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Today, I woke up to a bloody nose. Instead of rushing to the bathroom, I creatively dripped the blood over a knife for photography class because the assignment was to show emotion. So many of the students and faculty were disturbed that I'm now forced to talk to the school psychologist. FML
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I thought that was a pretty good idea. Sorry.

That's actually a pretty good idea...too bad people are stupid and overreact all the time. -.-'


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He/she could have gotten away away with it if they just said it was red food coloring.

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no many of us carry food coloring. well OP you have the knife so pick it up and show your REAL emotions

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OP is not a dumbass for following through on an assignment. The faculty is wrong here. Sure, there are a lot of disturbed kids nowadays, but it is ridiculous to expect every kid to be happy all the time. If a teenager ever shows anger or sadness, everyone goes crazy, and it really needs to stop. It makes kids feel like they can't be those things.

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It was a creative piece of art. How many producers and directors and writers of horror films are being convicted of hurting others? If OP doesn't exhibit any other kind of odd behaviors, then there's nothing to worry about. People just overreact.

86, nowhere did it say the assignment was to show YOUR emotions. Gratz to the OP for being creative, though what does a bloody knife show? Anger?

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107, maybe you should reread the FML. What 101 said makes total sense to me.

Thats very true, I believe the promblem with society today is that everyone needs a label such as crazy or depressed or moody. Let people , be people.

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In my opinion, if someone had presented that in my photography class I would have been disturbed too. There are many different ways to show depression/anger than putting blood on a knife. At least for school, that's too much.

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And what ways to show depression and/or anger would not disturb you? From the way you speak of it, I gather that you place a negative connotation on the words "anger" and "depression." They are just emotions. There is nothing negative about them. You can react to feeling them in a negative way, but that can also be done with ecstasy. I think that no matter how she had displayed anger, you would deem it "too much" for school. She was asked to show an emotion. She was not asked to show happiness.

jesus Christ! I wouldn't done that same thing :D

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acousticpixie... just be quiet and get a life please. FML op

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First off, I stated a point, and I was argued with. So I'm not the pestering one in this situation (for once). Which is a shame really, because I rather enjoy getting a rise out of some people. As for you...really, you have nothing better to say than "be quiet?" If you have nothing to contribute to the conversation then don't say anything at all. It is a colossal waste of everyone's time to read such an empty comment. Oh, right, and seeing as how you aren't the pregnant lady on bed rest who is unable to do much more than surf the web...maybe you should go get a life [:

the school is being safe. I'm sure none of us wants another Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted bundy, and so on. also 149 did you think at all on what you said? you can get a picture of someone being mad or parents yelling at each other is that distrubing?? besides it was not a art project. if it was then yeah a little over reacting but it's not easy saying "no, my nose was bleeding when I woke up so I put it on a blade".

yea, I'm gonna go ahead and agree with 153 here...

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As I said...if she's done nothing before, then they're just over reacting. They should keep an eye out to see if she does anything else, but they went too far. Also, have you ever had to talk to a shrink about a teenager? Many of them are good at their work, but there are many more that will desperately try to slap a label on someone based on a singular action. I think "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance fits this conversation well. Yes, I thought about what I said, you are the one that I fear is not thinking. She would have to go to the shrink for parents yelling, probably. As for a picture of someone mad...I seriously hope you don't call yourself an artist, because there is nothing about that that would warrant an "A" Yes, it was an art project. Photography is art. Aaaand no, you're wrong, it would be incredibly easy to say "Oh well my nose was bleeding and I thought that would be cool."

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actually I'm in the hospital and have nothing to do but this. & yes all I have to say is be quiet.. please do.

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Haha no, I don't think I will. I have an opinion, and I'll state it over and over unless it's proven wrong. So far, it has not. If you don't like it, then don't read what I say, it's pretty simple.

OP had an idea, and s/he did it. As long as she doesn't seem like a psychopath in class, s/he shouldn't have to talk to a psychologist. No, s/he doesn't need to be analyzed to see if s/he is dangerous. I agree with acoustic

I agree, I think context will probably vindicate the poster.

To the people saying that people majorly overreacted, comparing OP's treatment to that of a Salem 'witch', and/or complaining about this punishment of creativity... The reaction that students and faculty had was reasonable, as was OP's ''punishment''. 1) Depending on how bad the nose bleed was, it likely wasn't just a drop or two on the blade. 2) Blood in combination with a knife very strongly implies that someone (or something small and fluffy) was cut--and the more blood in the photo, the more significant the implied wound. 3) "Students and faculty were disturbed." I would say 'disturbed' is a reasonable reaction to the very strong implication that someone was cut, and I can see where "I woke up with a nosebleed" might be taken with a degree of suspicion. The adverse reaction was not due to the emotions captured in the photo, but to the implication she captured. 4) OP did not say that she received a poor grade on her photo. She did not say that she was kicked out of class or berated. She was neither expelled, suspended, given detention, nor written up. She was 'forced to talk to the school psychologist'. She didn't face criminal charges, and she didn't have to pay for any kind of enforced 'help'. She likely had ONE brief session with the school psychiatrist. OP: Here's my photo. Teacher: Oh my. Is that real blood? OP: Oh yes. I had a nose bleed the other night and I thought it'd be cool... Teacher: ... ...I think you should talk to our psychologist. -Later- Shrink: How does this picture make you feel? OP: Proud of my quick-thinking ingenuity. Shrink: You don't want to hurt yourself or anyone else? OP: No. I'm a happy, straight-A student who woke up with a nosebleed and took a photo for a class. Shrink: I've seen a lot of whackos in this job. You seem straight. Get out. DONE

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See...if that was how the session went, then okay, but that is not often the case. People nowadays want to find something wrong with kids. They want to believe that there's something to diagnose. Kids get brought back again and again even when they say that nothing is wrong, even when nothing IS wrong because so many adults are just oh so certain that there is some underlying issue that they need to get to. I don't think nosebleed is need for concern at all. If the hypothetical shrink can say "oh, you're okay" after that small hypothetical statement from OP, then the OP's teacher should have been fine. The teacher interacts with OP on a daily basis, shouldn't they be able to tell that OP is a generally sane straight A student? I still say it was an overreaction.

If there is a strong implication that something is wrong, whether or not there is, the teacher has an ethical obligation to address the issue.

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I don't think that putting the blood on the knife was the most effective way to convey an emotion in a school setting. Maybe OP is one of the quieter kids who then shows up with a bloody knife picture. The kids who shoot up schools aren't the ones who are loud and in your face. They're the people who fade into the background so I think making her meet with the schools shrink its overreacting. We don't know how the school handled it, if the teacher took OP aside after class and said something then no one really had to know what happened. And maybe the teacher made a big deal in class. Either way it's just the school trying to create a safe environment for everyone. I'm not saying it was entirely fair to OP but I think they forgot o consider their audience when taking that photo. If she goes to the shrink and explains I bet everything turned out fine

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I thought that was a pretty good idea. Sorry.

me too. nice contrast and such. good idea, but it sucks for you now. sorry. :(

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it's kind of disgusting.. but it is very creative and (whats a word for not wasteful?). I just hope op threw away the knife after cuz that's still really gross!

Its a pity you get punished for creativity! It was a great idea!

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Coming from an artist/photographer's perspective it is indeed a fantastically creative idea! Just because something "dark/disturbing" was created, doesn't mean there is something wrong with the person creating it.

That's actually a pretty good idea...too bad people are stupid and overreact all the time. -.-'

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They overreact because it's not always easy to tell whether someone is being creative or will suddenly explode, coming into school with an assault rifle and a bag of clips. The school has to deal with the saftey of everyone involved, and sometimes it's better to overreact than under-react.

You sir are an absolute fool. He is totally correct in everything he says

So at the SLIGHTEST sign of being pissed off, it scares you into thinking that they might come into school and start shooting people? He was supposed to be creative, and he was-.-

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I did something similar to that once for one of my photography assignments as well. I accidentally cut myself while shaving my arms and I took a picture of it. no one seemed to care so fyl. have fun with the psychologist haha.

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89 - How many school shootings is it going to take before you think it's okay for administrators to protect their student body? He has to see a psychologist, big deal. It'd be worse if the school ignored the situation and innocent students were harmed at a later date.

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WTF is wrong with you people?! This isn't creative like sorry your the nerd in the classroom who got a bloody nose and no one noticed.... get a tissue. Find some red paint later or some shit. Call it "days of the bloody nose" and sure I mean like I guess throw in the knife for some depressing teenage angst aspect or whatever.

not so. this is very much an ideology developed because of modern society and the exploits of media and the fears created by pop culture. If one of you who believe it is better to "over react then under react", imagine yourself in the past during which one would most likely go hunting before and after school, and keep his rifle in his truck. granted it is a very different time period with many different beliefes, however I guarantee that if you were to "over react" in that society, it would most likely turn so that the multiple men with rifles in their trucks are not "in need of talking with counsellers", however you would be. do not be mistaken, I do believe that these school shootings are sad, and un nessesary. but common sense... it is art project that could have been resolved with the teacher asking "why" and being done with.

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Two points to make here. 1) How many instances of school shootings there have been vs. How many instances of possible mental instability in a student there have been. If this is the first and only thing she's done...why all the drama? 2) "It's better to overreact than under react." You do realize that the Salem witch trials, the ends of each of Henry VIII's marriages, and even World War I were all the result of someone overreacting? It's better to use your damn head before going and psychoanalyzing some poor girl for doing her photography assignment.

Umm, Henry VIII`s marriages didn`t all end because of an overreaction, Jane Seymour for instance died after giving birth. Katherine Parr outlived Henry. Even his divorce from Katherine Of Aragon makes sense when you consider that his father won his throne after years of civil war that was started because of the lack of a suitable male succesor. Henry didn`t have anyone he could pass the crown onto and he wanted to avoid another war that would tear the country apart. the other arguments however are really good

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150 - I went to a high school where it was common for everyone to go hunting after school, and I've seen friend's expelled for forgetting their weapon in the vehicle. did it suck? Sure. But what if it hadn't been an accident? As a person with common sense, you have to realize that times are different now. If you do something bold and make yourself stand out, be prepared for the back lash. You turn in a project that suggests you are either violent or suicidal, and you expect it to be ignored? And as for the comment of this being their first time so it shouldn't matter, go read some news articles about past school shootings, including several recent college shootings. A lot of them had no other warning signs before they snapped, just the act of showing up with the intention of taking someone else's life before their own. You all need to look at the bigger picture. they did it to themselves, and with all the recent events it would be negligent not to see what this kid is up to.

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thank god someone has a rational thought on this site. I agree 100%

I understand and accept that times have changed, however when you say that someone is showing signs of suicde or violence, does this not then mean that all the music that suggest violent ideas or of sadness and depression that is all very public should be delt with? Is it not that experiences, such as a nose bleed, spark ideas that result in great art like paintings, pictures, or music? agreed if someone makes a whole collection of depressed paintings, intervention would seem logical. But it is the first time, as well by the sounds he seemed excited to present it. it is hardly likely that a depressed person would be excited about their depressed picture, no?

168- oh as for the point of friends being expelled for having their firearm in the car, to be allowed to transport it legally they would have needed firearm safety course, teaching about trigger locks and unloading the firearm. I should hope that they would have safe guarded their property so that some kids wouldn't be able to cause said accident.and just out of curiosity and not to be rude by any means, but did those who got expelled be also required counselling after?

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says the man with a gun in his photo. FAIL.

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It seemed like such a good idea at the time, didn't it?

That's actually a pretty good idea, too bad it didn't work out that well.

Errrr ok. Apart from anger I don't see what emotion blood on a knife would show. They are probably just worried that you are cutting yourself or something. Should have dripped blood on a piece of paper to make a smiley face, that would have made more sense to me..... but then again I ain't that no art critic.

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I like the bloody smiley face. That's a great contrast. I'll have to use that in my next art project. Don't expect any royaltees when you see my stuff being sold for millions of dollars. Bwhahahahahahaha

Arghh!! Thats my theoretical money! I SUE YOU!! Only theoretically of course. ;-)

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Should have told them it was just syrup with food coloring.

until somebody gets all excited and yells "i LOVE SYRUP!!" and licks the knife.

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photography class was it? I'm guessing she took a picture of it...took it to school and that's what everybody saw.

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how old are you? if you're in highschool ydi, if you're in college fyl. in highschool any emotion other than happy can get you sent to the shrink. in colleges their much better about knowing that not everything is a suicide threat.