What's the deal with handbags?

By Clumsy - 18/03/2022 02:00

Today, a customer yelled and cursed at me, splashing spittle in my face, and to top it all off she wished “my mom would die in a fire.” All this because I accidentally spilled her milkshake all over her Louis Vuitton handbag. Apparently, it “costs more than my rent.” FML
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Since when leather is afraid of milkshake?

Was her name Karen by chance?


Is that when you broke her jaw with a wine glass and proceeded to kick the shit out of her with your fellow mafiosos?

Marcella1016 31

That’s...oddly specific lol

l don't picture wine being sold with milkshakes for some reason.

dewoe 14

Don’t you mean the bottle?

The Karen would certainly deserve it. Or...speak to the Godfather and leave a freshly-cut purse strap on her pillow.

Was her name Karen by chance?

rudico67 8

It probably looks better now! LV stuff is so UGLY! Sorry you had to deal with this

It_gets_better 19

Okay but.. it probably did. They cost 1.5-3x my rent... (yeah she was a jerk) but it's not "oh accidents happen" when there's real property damage...

Since when leather is afraid of milkshake?

People who act like that are not happy with their lives. We all make mistakes op