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Today, I saw myself on the news. I was one of the random passers by they had filmed for their story on the "Fat Epidemic." FML
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At least the news reporter didn't say, "Oh my! A wild snorlax appeared!"

MasterL 3

sorry about that buddy :' (


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eminemchick 19

lmfao i need to see that show. Fat Epidemic.. it sounds so fatalxD

flockz 19

maybe not..... i see reality tv star in this op's future.

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha, were you just passing by or were they making an example?

At least the news reporter didn't say, "Oh my! A wild snorlax appeared!"

eminemchick 19

lmfao 29 you made my week

No, OpP means orange penguin.

Oh God, were you the fat one there?

alexg823 0

no one asked bro...

do the insides of your thighs get squeaky with sweat?

I guess that's a wake up call? but that's really sad, no one deserves that, sorry OP. :(

maybe if they stopped judging people and looked for solutions to fix it such as eliminating all fast food chains we could fix this.

Now how's that working out for ya, bucko?

Well, if that's not the icing on the cake.

:( Use that as encouragement to work out and diet!

They are still talking about the "Fat Epidemic"??

randiZ25 0

94, no one made them go inside and continuously eat.... they made that choice themselves...

that's what I thought. it's not really something to fuss about anymore

imacreeper 3

dont worry, I'm sure your mom is going to brag and tell all of her friends about this while yelling "THAT'S MY BABY!"

mr_miyagi 0

94 yea thats a real super idea just constrict the rights of everyone else to help a few people who dont know how to make healthy choices

sxe_beast 11

Yeah 94, don't take away my fast food because some fatass can't control themselves. I enjoy having fast food once in a while. =|

make them take it off if you are such a wuss, you have rights.

MasterL 3

sorry about that buddy :' (

shortie916 0

Hahaha more like tubby!

If you feel like it, you can sue them for publishing videos of you without your consent :P

gleek47 0

that was you? :P I'm just kidding that actually sucks!

not really, thats a myth when you're in public, you don't expect privacy and thus can't sue, or maybe you can but you won't get much

ienjoithinqs 0


now I'm scared to leave my house

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unipig123 0

wow i bet your on tv on discovery health called obese virgins!

Whos to say you aren't fat either?

Usually the people who insult fat people are insulted by fat people. Problem?

Wow 17, that's not even a good comeback..

lulututu 4

yea I'm pretty sure they need to ask your permission if they show your face

117 they do it's illegal to have your face shown on TV without the persons permission. Why do u think they blur out some criminals faces on cop shows? Because they didn't want to be on TV

that's not even nice :(

fricknugget 3

it kinda is.. srry

haha ydi for being fat

imacreeper 3

206, hey Josh ! you do understand that obesity sometimes isn't because of the person morally? sometimes its out of a persons control. remember, karmas a bitch - only if you are ;)

100, you have a funny picture. is it suppose to be Justin Bieber when he's 30 or is that you.

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randiZ25 0

exactly! I don't feel sorry for OP. You are the only one who can make yourself fat, so YDI!

maybe op just likes wearing fat suits. that seems plausible

Yup, they used OP for a reason.

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I agree 61... A lot of people can't bear to do the work to lose weight because they're afraid to have people look at them...

Are you fat? Most fat girls are unattractive.

is that why you don't go!! HAHA

sorry, I find it very hard to understand how by me posting comments of minor insult (and yes, it was a very minor insult) is preventing morbidly obese citizens from making simple lifestyle changes. in my opinion this is an excuse made by the lazy because "its the easy way out." Stop being so pathetic. if it's needed, seek nutritionalists advice and enjoy a happy HEALTHY long life.

that's mean and NOT funny!

shaniecerb 0

108.i agree.maybe people should stop being so sensitive and just lose weight if they want to.its hard and people are cruel.thats life.everybody has been picked on for something so they should just get over it and work on that weight

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HU4L188 0

(to #9)

and ok, I was a little harsh in my original comment. I will take both "fat" and "ass" and replace them with more child friendly words such as "wobbly" and "bottom"

true ******* that

for 108 didn't want to make it seem like I supported the comment I posted on..

1. I think she's very pretty and 2. at least she has the balls to post a picture of herself unlike you. really easy to insult someone when you're hidden behind a screen and keyboard.

that's motivation baby hit the gym .....but if you happy with yourself then post it up let ur ppl know ur on TV

iHeartReyRey 0

what does 'OP' mean?

haha I've been wondering what that means for months

People have explained this at one point or another. If you want the fun version, it's "Optimus Prime", the boring version is "Original Poster".

27, your an idiot it means original poster. "online person" wtf?

iAmScrubs 19

Yeah, it's "original poster". I had to search it up on Urban Dictionary when I first came to FML.

shortie916 0

Plain and simple explainstion of OP is original poster

Your picture made me laugh so hard hahaha

OP means octogonal penguin

I like Optimus Prime better. Optimus Prime wrote this FML. He had a bad day today.

OP means obsessed possum.

PSQ91 6

Obese prick.

CateXOX 0

Are you serious? I've thought it was Ovary Piñata since joining this website.

Ferretface 13

Oversized penis.

133- Although I understand how you could think that, you should have looked it up online before telling someone else the meaning. If that person you told tells another person that OP means online person, and that person tells another person, and that person tells another person, and etc., a lot of people would be misinformed.

I agree with 133, ignorance is like a virus in this case... please stop spreading it.

elisolauren 0

original poster

I love how everytime somebody asks what OP means they get flooded with the "hilarious" comments like "Octo Pussy" and "Orange Penis."

SpaceToast 25

OP= original poster

iwuvwoo 7

Go to the gym!

Don't feel bad. The media's a bitch anyways.