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  muzy  |  23

Op it is precisely in times like these where you have to think on ya feet. You should have replied with something like 'Don't underestimate the power of the V-side' and then walk off while humming the imperial march song!

  MedKits  |  9

"the force is strong with this one" is such a popular line in the movie, that it's become part of pop culture. People who have never seen the movies would know that line anyways.

  LolFMLnot  |  10

Whats this so called "star wars"?
Ahaha don't kill me guys i was joking.
OP you could've taken advantage of the moment and ask her 2 watch star wars with u. ;)

  SPAIDZ  |  0

No they'd probably know "may the force be with you" but "the force is strong with this one" isn't nearly well known enough to write off her being a nerd

By  AkshaySauce  |  5

Sex have this one have not!