By starboy - 10/03/2012 06:50 - United States

Today, I was humming the Star Wars theme song while on the bus. When my stop came I walked down the aisle only to hear a girl mutter, "The virginity is strong in this one." She's right. FML
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She knew the dialogue, she was probably a virgin too.

Exactly what I was thinking. Takes a Star Wars geek to know one! Who knows, maybe it was her idea of a pickup line!

Op it is precisely in times like these where you have to think on ya feet. You should have replied with something like 'Don't underestimate the power of the V-side' and then walk off while humming the imperial march song!

Seriously; recognizing the song is one thing. But QUOTING THE MOVIE in order to insult you? She's a fan.

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It's not your fault you and your boyfriend didn't know what to do...

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There is no way a girl that can quote star wars is a virgin if she doesn't want to be. How many guys would kill for a girl like that.

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**** me lovely bus girl. You are my only hope.

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The bitchiness is strong in this one

"the force is strong with this one" is such a popular line in the movie, that it's become part of pop culture. People who have never seen the movies would know that line anyways.

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Epic win. Maybe go to a convention?

Whats this so called "star wars"? Ahaha don't kill me guys i was joking. OP you could've taken advantage of the moment and ask her 2 watch star wars with u. ;)

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#67 I have yet to run into one, but maybe i just live in the wrong part of town.

No they'd probably know "may the force be with you" but "the force is strong with this one" isn't nearly well known enough to write off her being a nerd

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Do, or do not. There is no try.

Yeah, at least you didn't spend half an hour trying to have sex and getting nowhere!

Yea, it's easy, they need an "Insert ____Here" sign for whoever had that fml

That virginity joke is getting way to old

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Sex have this one have not!

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Shit, sorry I was barely conscious but I had to be one of the first commentors. This was lacking execution.

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0 points for you my friend! Landing was juuuust terrible, and the comment? Yea... NO GOOD!

25, Yeeeaaah, you're profile picture doesn't really back this up at all.

Hahaha that's funny! Dw you only get to be a virgin once, enjoy the suspense :p

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What's the point of commenting something like this... It's stupid an pointless

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I totally thought this said humping to the Star Wars theme.