By name50 - 07/02/2009 18:16 - United States

Today, I was passing a building and saw a fat, ugly person inside. I started to laugh and noticed it was my reflection. FML
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This almost made me cry of laughter.


Everyone has negative images of themselves. Of course, don't make it a habit, and if you really feel you're fat, just talk with friends and family about it and perhaps seek help or get a personal trainer if you really are overweight. Otherwise, if you're happy about yourself, don't stress it.

fag? i would go with thoughtful

i agree with 85. a thoughtfull sweet person. the rest of yall r just ass's

Oh yeah he's the fag

That's stupid. You can't just suddenly realize "Oh wait thats me"

wow this is the stupidest FML story ever you dumbass how can you not know how you fucking look like you fat ass piece of shit fuck I HATE FAT PPL

This almost made me cry of laughter.

Today I really fat and ugly woman looking at her reflection and laughing near a building. FML

LOL HAHAHAHAHA, this is gold!


I call BS.

totally fake

um...are you serious?