By loser - 19/06/2011 08:44 - United States

Today, I got officially uninvited to a party. This is the third one this month. FML
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or just throw yourself a surprise party.

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That's not even close to being funny.

tmmundy 17

why would you even say that? you are such a dick head!!!!

So all of those people are one massive dick? Yum?

have yourself a merry little party all alone. ****, lube, pizza is all you need. ( i personally dont do this but someone once said thats its pretty good.)

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13- Love those. I get myself every time.

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go show them how to party by partying naked!!!!

44- And a wise man/woman he/she was. Fap on, friends.

op should throw their own party. But if he/she gets uninvited from that, all hope is lost.

ya, we believe that you're not speaking from experience.

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Maybe you're just an asshole?

44 - Stop lying. We know that "someone" is really you.

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87, no they actually are not, I was the wise person who told 47 all about it. it's deff. something to brag about ;)

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44- I hope you use different hands for the pizza and the self-loving..

Suck's to be a "former" Congressman, doesn't it Mr Weiner?

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I hate to do it, but I have to agree with 83. I mean, if it was once, it could have just been hosted by an asshole. Twice, okay, it can pass for coincidence or just bad luck. Third time? Maybe it's time to look at your personality. Are you a downer or mean to people? There is most likely a reason so many people don't want you present at their events. Just saying.

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That sucks. But I have to wonder why.

Try hanging out with other losers. Who knows, maybe you will be the popular one out of that group which than could lead the popular kids getting uninvited to your parties.

Maybe OP is just an ass.... or his/her "friends" are douche bags. OP, maybe you need new friends

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I agree with 3. He/she could be a rude person. Or his/her friends are rude. We'll never know.

flockz 19

what if he was the guy off "Fat Epidemic"? that would scar many people.

14 I doubt the same persons 2 FML's would be added together and plus back to back so... ur probs wrong

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maybe op did something bad. cause he was originally invited right?

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not only crash their party like what 1 said, but make sure you drink all the boos first! :P

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Boos? I think you've had too much booze.

lol you know ur stupid when u spell booze wrong...

haha my bad, I had too much booze last night

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"l"ol" " you know "ur" stupid when "u" spell booze wrong...

They don't know what they're doing anyways. Throw your own party, with just you and Jill.

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if you're going to be rude spell right at least

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The people on this website are rude all the time. Its just how it is.

Who gives a **** about that party? You've friends with them. You dont need to be popular to feel existed.

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coming from a guy named darkness hate. just kidding I agree with you most parties get crashed by cops any way. just get some friends and do what ever floats your boat

You mean "to feel like you exist" :) which is definatley true, i agree 100% on that. i got invited to a big party on the weekend but I refused the invite and the police ended up breaking it up! Sometimes it is better to have fun with your close friends.

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That's why it always helps to buy cats. If you are home alone with 137736 cats, you don't need people to party with.

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hahahahaha this comment actually made me laugh out loud.

iamscrubs, your comments always make me laugh out loud. hahaha