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  Susieee_Q  |  9

I hate to do it, but I have to agree with 83. I mean, if it was once, it could have just been hosted by an asshole. Twice, okay, it can pass for coincidence or just bad luck. Third time? Maybe it's time to look at your personality. Are you a downer or mean to people? There is most likely a reason so many people don't want you present at their events. Just saying.

  unvmesucka  |  0

Try hanging out with other losers. Who knows, maybe you will be the popular one out of that group which than could lead the popular kids getting uninvited to your parties.

  ledstratdak  |  0

coming from a guy named darkness hate. just kidding I agree with you most parties get crashed by cops any way. just get some friends and do what ever floats your boat

  brookalyn  |  7

You mean "to feel like you exist" :) which is definatley true, i agree 100% on that. i got invited to a big party on the weekend but I refused the invite and the police ended up breaking it up! Sometimes it is better to have fun with your close friends.