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OP, can we have the link?? On another note I'm so sorry

Well if you were dressed anything like alot of the people on there, then I'd have to say YDI.


Aw op, I'm sorry. :(


I think it's pretty funny actually. At least they can say they made it big for a moment. Well, Walmart big anyway.

You need to make the Walmart photo your FML profile pic.

why did the OP have to be anonymous...

Hey, at least you're famous now.

This isn't the kind of fame that many people would want.

Just saying, I wouldn't have gone to walmart in the first place.

leogachi 15

What's wrong with Wal-Mart?

walmart beats up people who make products to get low prices to sell not in quality but in bulk and force that ideal on other companies.

Hopefully it wasn't something too bad

wishful thinking brother...But you know it was lol

Yeah probably haha I kinda wanna see it now!

Tough luck but on the bright side of it now you know your shortcomings. Make a change

OP, can we have the link?? On another note I'm so sorry

Seconded. I'm sorry, but I wanna see the pic!

Yes, I'm so sorry that the way you look is ridiculous enough to be posted on the web for everybody to see. Now let us be part of that everybody.

I want to know the story about this && see the photo please OP.

ThatOneChick856 36

It usually takes a lot of redneckery to end up on there, so YDI. Unless the person just was being an ass because they didn't like your style, then FYL.

i'm being serious, what's "people of walmart"?

A website that has pictures of people you find in Walmart. Just Google it lol its fantastically funny :)

Well if you were dressed anything like alot of the people on there, then I'd have to say YDI.

OP should be able to dress however de damn well pleases without having to worry about people like you or the people who run that site. It's super judgemental people like you that are the real bane on this world. Fuck off with your standards. You're not perfect either.

Well darlin, I never said I was but thanks for your concern. Also I wasn't judging anyone, they can dress however they damn well please, all I was saying was that if they showed up to Walmart in a purple dinosaur costume or shorts so short it looks like their ass is trying to eat them they probably should expect to end up on the People of Walmart site.

54 You basically said that if he dresses how he wants he deserves to be on a website where people can make fun of him. Wow, you're stuck up aren't you?

#66 yes, that's exactly what we're saying actually.

No I'm not stuck up at all. if his outfit was really that wild then he did deserve it. I would say the exact same thing for myself if I wore a purple dinosaur costume or shorts so short it looks like they're trying to eat my ass or some other wild shit. I'm sure they're plenty of people who make fun of the way I dress and I don't give a damn.

Other people typically don't appreciate when their picture is put on the Internet because of their personal style choice just to be made fun of. Stop being an ass. OP doesn't deserve any of it.

k guys what we all mean is that anyone can dress however they please, but with the knowledge in your head that others can be stupid and judgment and that this site exists, you should be aware that ending up there is a possibility if you dress differently.

I'm not being an ass. I agree if he was dressed fine and someone just put his pic up just to be a jerk and make fun of him then no, I don't think he deserves it, but if he was actually dressed like a complete idiot that gave someone a real reason to make fun of him then yes, he does deserve it.

Wow really? So, people can have their own choice of style EXCEPT when you think they look like an idiot? Really? I'm not even going to respond to that. That site purely exists to make fun of people. Stop pretending it's not.

oh no, somone made fun of me! sticks and stones. that's the problem with todays whiney baby culture

#88 - No, people can ALWAYS choose their own style. Look at Lady Gaga, she owns whatever the fuck she does with her "clothes", and it's crazier than 99% of what the public wears. Just be aware that when you dress differently, you are drawing attention to yourself. Be ready for whatever scrutiny that brings.

As long as you're prepared to be rightfully labelled a jackass for your actions, feel free to judge people. The website sucks and the people who enjoy the site suck. Fact.

Yeah, I'm sure people claiming the site is immoral and disgusting have never made fun of anybody before. I'd visited it once before today, I personally don't care for it, but you'd have to be TRYING to be overly sensitive to defend some of those people.

It is to make fun of people, I never said it wasn't. People can have ANY style they want even if I think it looks stupid. The only person trying to act like they're perfect here is you, because you can't honestly tell me that you've never looked at some random persons outfit before and laughed at it because you thought it looked ridiculous. If you really try and tell me that bull you're lying.

Wow so you are complaining about a site designed to make fun of people, on a site designed to make fun of people? I'll also point out how you regularly use this site to in fact make fun of people. I believe there is a word for people like you.

97- yeah I have made fun of people. When I was 8. I guess some of us actually grew out of it. 98- the difference on this site is that people willingly post their stories on here. On that site it's completely without their consent. Also, this site isn't really to make fun of people, but you can believe that if you want.

And I'm trying to be perfect because I have the common decency not to make fun of humans for their choices? Lol.

Actually this site is to make fun of some of the people on here, if there's an FML about someone having a total fail or punching themselves in the face, alot of people are jumping straight to comment and tell them what a dumbass they are and make fun of them for it. You can't tell me you haven't done that and if you really expect everyone to believe that you haven't made fun of someone over something since you were 8, I'm sorry to say you're more full of it than I thought. I try not to laugh at some peoples style choice because i know thats their choice but I'll be honest it doesn't always work, I'm human, at least I'm willing to admit I fail sometimes. You try and put me and everyone else that you don't like down and tell them that they're the bane of the world, yet apparently there's nothing wrong with you even though you do the same thing. Kind of hypocritical wouldn't you say?

You're dead wrong 104, and I'm done with it. How the fuck would you know if I made fun of somebody since I was 8? You don't, and making it up its not a valid retort. Read the "about us" on fml it's about sharing laughs not blatantly making fun of people.

Because darlin you're human, that's how I know. I'm not making fun of anyone I never made fun OP over anything but anyways I'm done with this too. You have a great day!

Well you're wrong, and you can't know. So, "darlin," if you're going to make stuff up about somebody instead of actually saying something valid, I think we're done. Fact of the matter is, you're saying somebody deserves something they don't, then telling me you didn't, then saying they did "if they dress like an idiot." Really, you make no sense.

Actually I can know. Keyword; If. I said IF he was he deserved it. I never said I didn't say that he didn't deserve it. IF he was dressed like an idiot then he did deserve it, that's not making fun of him that's just simply stating a fact.

IF he wasn't then he doesn't deserve it. There was no making fun of him in any of that.

And again to that I say it's not your right to judge somebody as dressing "like an idiot." They can dress however they please and if you don't like it you can shove off. They don't deserve it either way. It's not your right to say they dress like an idiot.

How could you possibly say the guy deserves to be put on a website that calls people "creatures" in their slogan and be made fun of by people, just because you think he "dresses like an idiot." Guess what? People don't have to amount to your standards to deserve respect "darlin."

If you knowingly dress outside of society's norms then yes people can and will voice their opinions of it, and the person has no right to complain about it. They knew beforehand what the consequences were and chose to accept them. If however the person genuinely thought their attire fit with societal norms and were mistaken then people will still voice their opinions, but the person can complain about it. You have the right to chose to wear whatever you want as long as you accept the consequences, at the same time everyone else has an equal right to an opinion about it and the right to voice it. It may be rude to voice it near the offender, and they shouldn't. It will happen though.

I never said anyone had too either. As I said in an earlier comment people can choose to wear WHATEVER they want, just expect if it's really that wild and different then yeah they're going to be criticized for it, just like the comment above me said. As for what slogans they put on the website I have no clue it's been forever since I was even on that site.

People should encourage other people be different, not ridicule them for it. Encouraging the behavior and even doing it yourself like your doing now only makes it worse for those people. Just because "everyone else is making fun of them" doesn't mean you have to too. It's ignorant and stupid and shows you're mind never developed out of middle school. It's really sad there are people out there who don't want to be themselves and end up depressed and miserable because people like you two encourage people to be make fun of them and tell them to "get over it." If you're going to be that shallow, I don't know what else to say.

Just because I don't like the same style as someone else doesn't make me shallow. I'm not making fun of ANYONE here, do you not get that? People can be as different or normal as they please, if that's what they want, I say go for it, just because I might not agree with it doesn't mean I'm making fun of them. Everyone is going to be criticized it doesn't matter how normal or different they are. As long as they're happy with themselves that's all that matters. I dont do anything because it's a trend and everyone else is doing it. I hardly ever get tickled at the way someone is dressed because I honestly have seen alot of it so much it is pretty much normal, the only time I get tickled at the way someone is dressed is if it's like crazy extreme and that's very rare.

I never said you had to agree, but my main point was you're saying they deserve to be on a website that call people creatures because they dress in a way you don't like. You can hate it all you want, You just don't have to be vocal about it and tell people they deserve to be put on those sites without their consent. Encouraging the behavior and telling them to "expect it" is just as bad as making fun of them yourself. And for every person on this site that's making fun of people there's another person like me telling them it'll be ok, and encouraging them to keep living the way they are. This isn't a site purely for bullies, despite what you think. You can keep trying to convince yourself everyone makes fun of people, including myself when you have no knowledge of it. You can keep trying to justify the fact that you said somebody deserves to be on a horrid sight like that "if" they "dress like an idiot" (a way you disapprove of) to make you seem like a better person. I don't care. You, however, can't sit there and say you think people can dress the way they want and be happy while simultaneously calling wild outfits idiotic and saying they deserve to be made fun of on websites like peopleofwalmart. It makes no sense.

Let me see if your narrow mind can understand me now. You CAN wear whatever you want, but others CAN have a different opinion. Basically all we are defending is people's right to have and express differing opinions. Also any picture found on a website that contains you can be taken down by asking the site managaer or taking legal actions.

I didn't even know they called people names like that, so I'll apologize for that one. I can tell people to dress however they please and be happy and not like the style at the same time, because that might be my own personal opinion in the situation, which my personal opinion shouldn't even matter to them. if society didn't teach everyone that they have to be offended and mad because someone might criticize them or has an opinion that might not match their own we wouldn't have alot of the problems that we have today. I will always tell someone to keep living the way they are if it makes them happy even if I don't like it. it's not my life and I'm not going to tell anyone how to live. I think it would actually be very cruel to not tell someone to expect it, because if you've got someone that has no idea they're going to be criticized by alot of people because of their style choice then BAM! they're bombed with it, it would suck and I would feel bad for not warning someone before hand.

Also I should probably clear up that when I say I've laughed at a few people's outfits I mean I've laughed to myself and had my own opinion of that outfit, I have never nor will I ever be as loud and obnoxious as I can to make sure that that person sees and hears me, just to be rude.

125- you call me narrow minded when you're the one who doesn't know anything about law? If you can legally take the picture, you can post it anywhere you want without consent and it's totally legal. Lol, don't be stupid.

127. Sure you can tell them others may make fun of them as long as you're not condescending about it. All I've been saying this whole time is Op doesn't deserve being on a horrid website for wearing what he wants. If you want to agree or disagree w/e I don't care anymore. But it seems you've at least considered that and aren't as shallow as I thought at the start so I'll accept that. Thank you.

Actually you can't post any image of another person without their consent. You own your body and its image and so it can't be used against your will. Thats why facebook has the option to report images that contain you.

This of course only pertains to sites like people of walmart since legally you can only have images removed that are deemed slanderous or offensive and were posted with malicious intent. Any image posted on that site was posted with the malicious intent of publicly ridiculing someone.

If I've hurt anyone I apologize, that really wasn't my intentions. I was wrong for saying he deserved to be on that site because I really had no idea about the things they call people on there. I am really a sweet person and have a heart believe it or not and I truly didn't mean to hurt anyone with my opinion.

Facebook does it as a courtesy, not under law. Posting offending material is not against any law. I would love for you to find it for me if it is. A court case example or anything of the sort. I'm not going to argue with you if you're objectively wrong. If you took the picture in public, you can post it and say what you want. Don't you think hate sites would be taken down of this wasn't true? Use common sense, unless your mind is as narrow as you said mine was.

Well well, looks like someone has equal amounts of free time, bitterness and stupidity. GG man, GG.

This thread should earn a place in the Guiness Book of World Records for the "Longest Reply Thread on FML".

well what did you do

What were you doing?