By beforegirl - / Monday 8 November 2010 21:11 / Australia
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@ Irishwildman By the by, that's the stupidest fucking acronym I've ever seen on the internet.

Yeah, I think this is fake. No way they take your picture without your consent. Or is that how it is in the land of sand an drunks? If it isn't, get yourself paid, and use the money to get a personal trainer.

  Ryanfmlfiend  |  0

shutup tubbs! go eat a cookie and a hoho and wash that down with a slurpee then a hot dog cuz now ur mouths a lil cold. and you gotta have fries with a hot dog right? NO F U FATTY. have a god damn cigarette and stfu

  bamagrl410  |  31

Finally someone who isn't an American telling the OP to sue. the stereotype gets old haha.

  samiboy9  |  0

ye is it not kinda obvious that those comersials are fake I mean cmon thru lose there glades and they get tans and all that stuff sueing is the answer

  SCBeauty1983  |  0

#104 - Yes, ma'am. It's buried within the fine print of your Account Settings; you have to manually ''Opt Out" of third-party advertisement(s), then click on "Submit"... It's super-sneaky, if ya ask me! =-/

  Cyosaric  |  0

It may be allowed, but if they're making money off a picture someone hasn't agreed to, they either get a cut or can take it to court.
If that's still legal, it shows why America sucks.


When I was about 13 some creepy foreign man used my pic as his profile pic and his cover photo had "taste you" written in sweets :/ also a bunch of girls used my pics for moviestarplanet claiming they were me (I guess it means they think I'm pretty but it's still identity theft I'm sure? Also people like to steal my artwork even though it's not the best so I sign it all now and add my url) I don't post pics of myself anymore because now I'm a few years older I know my pics can end up anywhere/ be used for anything. The creeps from 4chan like to edit minors into porn images and blackmail them/ distribute them or post about how they want to "track them" (they probably just trying to be edgy though >_>)

  SCBeauty1983  |  0

In other words, if you don't "Opt Out" in your Privacy Settings, you're giving Facebook and their third-party affiliates (knowingly or not) permission to use your info and images however they want in advertisements, etc. No matter how shady their practices are, it's NOT illegal on their part; they can use the info/photos however they see fit... And there's nothing legally you can do about it! =-/

  TheMikeyT  |  3

Advertisers that use FB are not "3rd Party Affiliates", and they cannot use your images on sites outside Facebook. FB has the right to do what they want, but it's simply a clause to protect them from being sued in cases like when someone tags you and the photo gets shown on a wall you didn't want it on. They never sell/license your content to spammers, they photo was highly likely stolen.

  penguinazul  |  13

This is the privacy policy on Facebook for Advertisers:

We never share your personal information with our advertisers. Facebook's ad targeting is done entirely anonymously. If advertisers select demographic targeting for their ads, Facebook automatically matches those ads to the appropriate audience. Advertisers only receive anonymous data reports.

For tagging photos:

You control who can see the photos and videos you're tagged in that appear on your profile. Keep in mind, the owner of a photo can still share that photo with people you're not friends with. If you don't want your tag to appear, remove it from the photo or video itself. This will also prevent it from appearing on your profile.

Hope that helps clear things up!

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