By masterman - 27/08/2012 06:45 - Canada - Sherwood Park

Today, I turned on the TV just in time to see my picture on the news. I have no idea what they said about me. FML
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Or just wait for cops to show up to apprehend you. But the first one sounds nicer.

Or just google your name if it's on the news it'll probably be online


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Unlucky mate, the jokes get funnier as you mature.

well according to his profile he's 79. By that rule he should be pretty god damn hilarious grammar nazi...84's profile! Gaaaaaah!!!! You're**** NOT "YOUR a creeper"! Okay...I feel better now...

If OpP's been stealing bacon, then this FML is a YDI for sure.

Keep checking the news channel they normally show the same story more than once.

Let's hope it's not because you murdered somebody....

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...put the gun against his head... Damnit! That is going to be stuck in my head all day.

59 - And that's a bad thing how? Galileo!

I just got that song out of my head dammit!

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My first double-post. Curse you, Android app!

You people suck at this. Freddie Mercury is turning over in his grave at your bastardization of that masterpiece.

Well have you been touching little kids lately? Jk, look on the bright side, maybe it was something good.

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32 its the internet everything is okay to joke about

47 - except what's not ok to joke about. i.e. kid touching (except if you're pedobear... Every kid loves pedobear!), insulting the mentally ill and such. This might be the Internet but a popular concept such as common sense still exists.

Common sense isn't so common. In fact it's rare. Have you not been on this long. Most of these fmls could have been averted using common sense.

I always make the news on MY birthday.

In Vancouver, on one of the morning news, you can submit anyone's photo if it's their birthday or anniversary :)

I dunno how I'd feel if I were you. I'd be scared I was wanted for doing something or there's an evil twin out there trolling around wearing your face. Hope you won something though or it's good news.

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