How could you?

By Anon - 25/07/2022 06:00

Today, after screaming at me this morning, my wife has been giving me the silent treatment. We're trying to get pregnant, but she caught me masturbating, or "reducing my sperm count on purpose" as she called it. I just wanted some harmless fun with some porn, since getting pregnant has made actual sex a chore. FML
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you might wanna think twice about having a child with her. it's only going to get worse

Luck be with you. It's only going to get worse.


Luck be with you. It's only going to get worse.

You're spilling your seed when your wife needs it? You might end up like Onan.

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I mean, not every comment section needs you in it.

It does. I'm like the Eminem of this site -- it feels so empty without me. People don't read the comments section to see insincere support or obvious advice. They want something that will make them laugh or fume.

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Man, you're kind of a dick sometimes though. Commenting horrible stuff on truly sad FMLs

you might wanna think twice about having a child with her. it's only going to get worse

Tell her adoption is an option.

Married?! Really. And she thinks masturbation is bad? Don't most doctors say that sex cannot be a chore and stress hormones will affect the pregnancy. When sex is a chore then the only option is to do it yourself properly. So married and want children? - maybe have an open discussion about sex, future children, sex life and its importance after kids, how would you educated your own children about sex, will she punish kids for masturbation? She might be just really under pressure to get pregnant, but I would still ask. Because if sex is chore now will she be put off sex after kids and it'll definitely be on her terms and a planned chore. What about your needs, fantasies and wanting to have playful fun sex? Maybe she is one of those that believe adults have sex in one boring way as do other stuff.

Okay, you BOTH need to take a break from the baby thing for a few weeks. Go have fun with each other and RELAX. It's high time for some downtime for both of you--a quick vacation on a lake or going out to a spa day, just SOMETHING. Rest before you two end up snapping and punching each other in the face.

you need to talk to her about it and tell her she has made sex not fun anymore. some that have tried in the way your wife has don't get pregnant until a fun night out with drinks and dancing or even a movie. your body knows it's a chore now. you both got to relax and maybe get the mindset that if it happens the first year it will happen but stop putting pressure on it.

wysegirl 24

Tell her she needs to relax. I don't know how long you guys have been trying but if it's becoming a chore there is more stress reducing the chances of getting pregnant. GL OP