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Today, I drove home on my birthday, and my mom said she'd meet me there. I was a little surprised to get home and find she wasn't there, but even more shocked to see my rabbit run over in my driveway. Turns out he'd gotten loose and my mom had run him over, panicked, and left. FML
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Actually, 9, rabbits, and prey-like creatures, ones who have eyes to the side of there heads, are quite dumb. The ones who are the predators, eyes to the front (humans, foxes), are the smart ones. Why you ask? Because in order to avoid being eaten, all the prey (dumb bunnie) has to do is run. The predator, the fox, has to be smart, cunning, and stalkerish to hunt. As evolution occurs, the bunnies get dumber and the foxes get smarter.

No offense to missbunnie


56- If you're so inclined to point out flaws in the thoughts of others, I will do the same. Take for example your use of run-on sentences, improper use of punctuation, improper spelling of the word "bunny," comma splices and and overall wrong answer.

  blackheart24  |  10

Man you guys are worse than my English teacher. Your all trolls for being so critical! No one said we had to be completely grammatically correct, it's the Internet.

  ALpein  |  0

And you're all dumb for calling them a 'troll'. Just because one individual calls another individual out on the internet doesn't make them a troll. So stop using the term improperly. Also, no run-ons were written but they still need to work on their grammar.

  Daralea  |  21

56, why would the bunnies get dumber as evolution occurs according to your argument? Seems to me that the dumb ones will get caught and eaten while the smart ones will survive (thus making the bunny population smarter over time).

  trollsemen  |  8

Or maybe, just maybe, the Mom taped the rabbit to the drive way because the rabbit chewed up all of the sides of the rugs in the house so the Mom ran it over from anger. Then again the rabbit could have just tried to run away.

By  flockz  |  19

maybe she thought it was bugs bunny and in her panic she drove away to avoid being stoned to death by hundreds of cartoon loving children.

ya i'll go with that.