By FattyMcFatFace
Today, I overheard the popular kids say that they were planning on going to the local fast food restaurant to take pictures of the obese people that go there. Not only do I work there, but my family and I were planning on having dinner there tonight. FML
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By  MidnaLink  |  32

Remind them that it’s illegal to photograph or otherwise record people without that person(s) consent (if the event in question has NOTHING to do with the person recording), and that you’ll have the cops on their asses if they do. It’s an invasion of privacy, especially if those photos end up on Social Media.

  alycion  |  38

If you are on public property, like on the street, fair game. A restaurant has to give permission or the person would for recording for public purpose. Husband was a videographer. You learn where and where you can’t be with a camera quick. Watch Live PD. The cameras have to get permission to follow the cops into open businesses and people’s homes. Once in a business, they do not have to get permission to record anyone. Even though they are documenting the police, they still have to follow the law as far as that goes. Good way to learn, you have no privacy when out of your home.

As for OP, I would report them to the manager on duty when they came in, sat down, and actually doing it. Let them get embarrassed when confronted.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Maybe your whole family should go to an Overeaters Anonymous instead of going to where fatties congregate. You’ll avoid the shaming by the cool kids and you’ll be beginning to get your collective shit together.

By  loloblair420  |  5

fuck what those kids have to say and every body else give it 10 years and the girls will have 5 kids from different dads and be shaped like a ice cream cone and the guys will have pot bellys ugly faces and teeth from all the booze and drugs that theyll do after high school everything is different most people are too busy to do stupid shit like that.. hang in there

  Bubbilility  |  27

If there's one thing I've learned it's that the 'cool kids' are usually quite successful. In fact, there's been studies on it. The popular kids have the confidence to aid them in the corporate world.

  alycion  |  38

And there are some smaller towns that only have one or two fast food restaurants in them and really no other family priced dining options. Lived in one for four years. It sucked. There was a sub shop and a McDonald’s. And an extremely overpriced seafood and steak house that had no business cooking either.