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  Juliaa15  |  6

I've done it before. My dog freaked out as well. Not biting, but I felt lousy afterwards.


Especially if it was a big dog, I found this FML cute. Especially since I know I'm not the only one who does this. xD
But in all seriousness, I understand why the OP did that. Not their fault. (:

  kram02  |  2

i'm pretty sure she meant front legs when she said arms cause if she just wrote "I put my dog's leg around my neck" that would be awkward

  FYLDeep  |  25

I've yelled at mine before. Sometimes she'll start yelping and shaking around. If I can't sleep, then she can't sleep either (That's my justification for it at least). I'll admit that it wouldn't be a good idea to get close though. Usually takes a couple seconds for her to realize where the hell she is.