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By Anonymous - 25/05/2012 18:21 - United States - Hollywood

Today, I joined a local interest website, hoping to make some friends in my area. I don't think I've ever met so many guys before who introduce themselves with pictures of their cocks. FML
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Chatroullette isn't very local now is it


Sounds like omegle


Chatroullette isn't very local now is it

I was thinking something chatroulette too.

Trisha_aus 15

Yeah because some blokes seem to think we care about their penis more than their personality..

So they showed you their chickens?

What have men evolved to? I mean now a days all they seem to care about is sex and how big their penis' are. God

42 - I love how you make it sound like we're all like that. *Rolls eyes*

42- not all guys are like that don't judge the full sex by what a few morons would be like saying girls are nothing but ******...a few maybe but not all

Wizardly01 6

This is especially weird for me because I also live in florida...0.0

90- one of those pictures was you wasn't it lol


Sounds like omegle

MetalxSoldier 26

Hey 2, I guess thats your weiner photo in a spiderman condom? Is that your omegle photo?

At 2- kind of ironic that you are commenting on this....

Wizardly01 6

This is especially weird for me because I also live in florida...

Welcome to Craigslist.

Welcome to the Internet! :P

WearingHats 14

Nice to meat you.

What is the website OP?

Vaginabutter 15

Someone is looking for some dick!

It's chatroulette.

More girls should think like this.

At least you will know what you are getting. :)

Sarah_moustache 9

You don't take pictures with your rooster? Wow. People these days..

Have a cockpit as a background : )

dragonstrike94 8

I take my rooster for pictures all the time now what's really bad is when you forget to let them get some air

HyperSquirrel 8

What lovely people.. -_- they sound like dick heads.

FMLshark 12

Quite literally. Oh, that was intended? Sorry.

stepymac 15

Where did u go to penisland . Com!

"phalli-of-local-gentlemen [dot] com [slash] florida", maybe? It's a 'local interest', if your interest is penis. If it was something like stamp collecting or tabletop gaming, well... there's no need for genitalia in those, unless you belong to a nudist group or use the Book of Erotic Fantasy... (BTW, I don't think that website is real, but some other person can check if they want.)

I'm confused, what has this got to do with Pen Island, exactly?

Jessj958 19! Really?! What are you, like 12?

Where'd you get those clothes? At

Keattles 14

I love telling my friends this " oh have you been to pen island .com before?? It's the best! There are so many large pens!" ;)

Well, which one are you picking? Or I should say which ones.