By Anonymous - 24/01/2011 05:40 - Egypt

Today, I woke up, patted my dog and kissed his nose. He was dead. FML
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This one is just depressing. Not as funny as I usually come for, a true fml, sorry for your loss op.

I Know it shouldn't have but #56's comment, picture and name made me burst into laughter.

shut up dog haters and it's not ewww it is aww because op loved the dog unlike you guys

The_Moustache 6

56- Did you make that account solely for this post?

I'm sad that your dog died, but I hope that his death was peaceful. It's hard not to have time to say good bye.

ohmigosh I would cry so hard if I woke up an my dog was dead. I would be soooo upset,


This is depressing. I'm sorry for your lost. At least all dogs go to heaven.

theten_fml 9

how do you "lol" and then try to say sorry about someones loss? your a ******* miserable piece of shit. I hope someone laughs whenever you suffer.

iCrazie 0

he could of been lol-ing at the kissed a dead dog. stop being such a bitch.

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stop being a bitch you fat asswipe

knibbsy 4

at1325, you're an asshole. Your name must mean your current weight is at 1325 pounds. Good going, slim.

Sammansix 3

Can you shut the **** up! Who gives a shit if he said LOL stop being on FML 24 hours a day and get a life you ugly piece of shit!

knibbsy 4

To whomever moderated my comment but not the other offensive comments on this thread - I am emailing support at in order to talk with one of your superiors about your desire to remove my comment yet keep other comments which are equally, if not more, offensive than mine. This has been an unfortunate trend recently, due to a seeming misuse of authority, which I will bring to the attention of a higher-up. Good day.

Don't mind if I have a good laugh too, thanks for making such a great start to my day, Knibbs, you're a real funny man, real ******* funny.

knibbsy 4

Yeah well, this site sucks balls anyway. Go ahead and ban me, assholes.

Hey Alan, I hope you were serious about your hair falling out, and subsequently having cancer because if not, that is very sad that you would stoop so low; I had cancer and lost my hair, and it wasn't something I wanted people to make jokes about...

Sorry, I don't troll. I was being serious.

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You're really a creeper, hope you don't explode and kill me with your load of gunpowder.

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yeah :/ sorry for ur lost OP, hopefully ur dog it's in a better place now

sorry to hear this op. At least he knows that you love him before he left

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pretty sure it was dead before she kissed it, unless her breath was that bad…

You couldn't tell he was dead when you touched him? Irrelevant, I know, but I am just curious as to how you didn't realise until after the kiss. Sorry for your loss. The death of a pet is difficult and awkward. FYL

FYLDeep 25

It was probably obvious after the kiss though. You know there's something wrong if there's no wet nose.

Dogs noses are dry when they're asleep...

Nah it shows there healthy, bit like the colour of peoples cheeks §

port5 0

oh, now you tell me, i touched my dogs nose feeling for wetness thinking she was awake, it was dry

sometimes, things become such a habit to your everyday routine, you wouldn't realize your dog is gone.. my dog passed away 2 months ago and still I go to the laundry room to let him out occasionally forgetting he is gone

perdix 29

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Perdix, this is the only time I have found your normally offensively funny humor to be out of taste.

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I am saddened by your F---ed up comment, what happened to the mature you.

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no this one seems ok. as for the op, ydi for kissing dogs

**** you, numbers 8 & 185. You aren't funny. OP, I'mso sorry for your loss. I know that I won't be able to handle any pets' death, :(