By hurricane0331 - 24/06/2010 01:51 - United States

Today, a 75 year-old lady drove into me. Her excuse was, "I wasn't looking." Awesome. FML
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I ran into some guy before... my excuse was that I'm a girl and girl's shouldn't be driving. He liked it.(:


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I moderated this no more than ten minutes ago

I ran into some guy before... my excuse was that I'm a girl and girl's shouldn't be driving. He liked it.(:

nannys these days and their non technologie powered glasses. lrn2be part of the future. hope its not too big of a bill

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Paige, that's a very good excuse. :P

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lol just ignore the old lady op... not a big deal at all and neither an fml...

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Paige , you can run over me anytime you like!

Shut up Ra! I'm a girl and I'm a good driver.. it's just the focusing part I have trouble with ;)

It's funny how all the FML users always hit on the girls who have actual Profile Pictures. ... So, Paaaaiiigge ... you dating anyone?

You should have slapped that old bitch around.

Nahh, me and my gf broke up a few days ago.

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Gtfo, Ky-ky. I bet dollars to donuts (yes, I just said that) that you aren't a good driver! :]

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kybabyy are you sure your a good driver, or you think your a good driver?

Pfft.. raleigh now you're saying dollars to donuts when you previously laughed at me for saying that. Op accidents happen. I'm a great driver btw.

I'm an amazing driver when I'm not being distracteddd. Unfortunately a lot of things distract me. Shut up you're gonna make me hungry

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Damn it, Nena! I was really hoping you wouldn't see that post. :| Ky-ky, you getting distracted by squirrels climbing trees and random balloons floating across the freeway isn't exactly the making of a good driver. :/

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kybabyy in other words your a bad driver... cool & Chuck Norris uses hot sauce as eye drops

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OP--Really quite honestly you're a whiner. Raleigh--I'm an excellent driver thank you very much and of course you bet something that involves food, you're a fatass lol. P.S. Let's not bring squirells into this, k? Kyky--Pay no attention to Raleigh he's jealous :)

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This is why old people should be killed at birth :)

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Arghh, why is all the hate coming my way? D: PAIGE was the one who said girls shouldn't be driving, I just agreed? Lol. :]

I don't live anyyywhere near a freeway. Dude speaking of driving and squirrels, I stopped for like ten minutes once because one wouldn't get out of the road. Nah, I'm really not bad. I'm always driving my kid brothers around and I wouldn't hurt them for the world. It gets difficult when the five year old decides he's gonna bail out of the car at 50 miles an hour though. Ohh! That makes sense. That's why he's always so mean to me.. Jealousy looks bad on you Ra-ra ;)

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Lol at least she's honest about it. Beauty of it is, she probably won't remember what happened 10 minutes later

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bahahaha she probably was sleeping.

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OP is just a whiney brat and you Raleigh just deserve the hate for being you ;)

Raleigh_bruh 7

Forget both of you. -.- Also FFML_314, I know your true identity; and I know you don't want me to reveal it across this entire Fml for reasons me and you know. :P So, be careful. :]

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I'm not going to induldge your non-sense. *sticks nose in the air and turns around* J/K seriously though women are way better drivers then men.

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Who wouldn't hit on a 75 year old woman?

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Well she hit on OP pretty damn hard It's kind of hard to resist Believe me, I'd have been blindsided by that too :o Puns ftw

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I'm 74 and I get hit on hard core, especially when I run into people with my car/motorized wheelchair. Perfect time to pick up dates ;)

Today, I wasn't looking and drove into some kid's car. FML

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Guys quit picking on my brotha Raleigh -.-

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What is the Y-N-C-A? Asstazztic--I reserve all right to pick on him lol.

Y-N-C-A is a local Strip Club, located 900 Miles away from my Homeland.

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Well then I think they should remix the song Y-M-C-A to fit accordingly with this strip club.

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I'd love to visit this YNCA you speak of

ispitflames 3

after I have a bowl of captain crunch of course

My dad says I am an excellent driver. Rainman anyone?

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Has anyone here updated their iPhone to the 4.0 and if so any troubles with the keyboard not going away after posting something??

men's insurance premiums are lower for the pure fact that we are practically better at birth.On the other hand male teenage drivers have very high premiums because we like to show off to friends and girls xD

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137 no I hasn't updated it YET.

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yea I updated and my keyboard doesn't go away. gotta exit the app. just a minor inconvenience. it's still way worth upgrading! :) smiley face!

137: The staff is aware of and working on the problem.

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hey at least she was honest!

it's not her fault. First of all she is a woman and secondly she is old. FYL OP for complaining about the old woman.

You shouldn't be suprised. You live in Texas, She probably doesn't have insurance either

haha i get by people at wal mart using those carts. they are fun to ride. i use them my illness flares up

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agreed #7. girls, women, ladies, gals, none of you can drive for shit.

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Paige tht was probably because u are very attractive

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you have the worst grammar ever it's hilarious if you've made it out of high school

# 7 U can ran into me at any time you fell like... U are beautiful Op that's y we have insurance for....

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It's her fault then. You'll be fine.

I always see old people driving that have one foot in the grave already, they really need to do annual driving tests on people over 75 to stop pointless accidents like this happening

you are quite honestly retarded some old lady ran into her, you idiot.

was op in a car or on foot?? cuz that would take fml to a whole new level

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154 thank you. I am glad the staff is already working in it.

Kingsley, move grandma. Youtube. You. Do it. Now.

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Ok? That sounds like a pretty valid reason for someone 75 years old.

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True, but more importantly, a valid reason to GTFOff the road and realize that unless you're Tom Hanks in "The Green Mile", you just aren't that good of a driver when you get old, and understad it may be time to stop driving.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Lol. Like that episode of South Park where all the old people were killing everyone by running them down in cars. :P

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Exactly. We need to start something I just came up with called NOSCOPED - No Old, Senior Citizens Or Painfully Elderly Driving.

lol silly old people they should just die

wow ur great. do us all a favor and "go die" cuz even if theur old their life has/ had the same or more meaning to yours

well in that case I will find a purpose in life and become a professional old people scarer

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put your cleavage away. if we wanted to see it, we wouldn't be on fml

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#46 if we wanted your opinion we would if asked for it… not GTFO

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54, if we wanted to see you bitch, we would ask, GTFO.

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#63 who in the world was talking to you in the first place?

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#75 yeah you were but I wasn't :/

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54, no one was talking to you when you commented so your second comment is an awfully hypocritical one.

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Hail comrades the need to fight is not here but for mother Russia against the fascist pigs. Now onward! To victory!

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No one. People like you piss me off, though. "Oh, no one asked for that!" Shut the **** up, sit the **** down, and deal with it. Also, decent responses work well.

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Was talking to 67, by the way.

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We can be friends, kind of like friends that went into the Union and Confederacy and hugged each other one day, and shot at each other the next.

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Dun want friends like 96. That dudes an ass.

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We seem to have a crazy in our mist. Poor fool criticizing himself into oblivion. May the gods burn with anger.

Hmmmmmm What on EARTH could that picture POSSIBLY be bringing attention to? The nice red dressy shirt?? :o

Welcome to FML, where under every FML there is a flame war. RAAAAGE! That is all.

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y'all are why i hate the internet. |the kid|

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#2- i want to lick your ass

the lady's 75 - isn't that a valid reason for someone her age?

no, and no matter what age the driver was the police shouldve been called

Clearly the woman isn't fit to drive anymore. She should have her license revoked because she is a hazard to other drivers

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you shouldve broke her hip :)

is it me or does this fml seem sexual?haha

your comment has opened my eyes to worlds that were once closed to me. I think getting hit by old ladies is sexual and getting touched by your uncle is like a retarded giraffe abortion. RANDOM

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