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By  Voij  |  16

I might be alone with this thought, but I wouldn't put that much importance on a first kiss. Chances are that the experience will, similarly to one's "first time", be fairly disappointing in hindsight. That's just how it is for pretty much everyone.
My advice would be to treat kisses in two ways: "Normal" kisses that should not be considered all that importantly. Treat these like common interactions between people who are willing to allow each other to enter the respective comfort zones. "Intimate" kisses are something that you should treat preciously and put importance onto, these are special and you should consider them as such.

PS: I should probably note that I'm not suggesting that you go around kissing everyone you meet. Always do this stuff within reason and, if you're in a relationship, only as much as you know that your partner is comfortable with.[E.g. some people are alright with their partners giving kisses as greetings, some are not. Find out beforehand before you attempt this stuff.]

  how_to_implode  |  17

Getting licked on the mouth =/= getting kissed. Dogs will lick you all over the face if you let them. Honestly, I'm sure it's not the first time your dog's gotten you on the mouth.

(This wasn't supposed to be a reply to the above comment, just somehow got put here.)