By moweezy9 - 21/02/2011 21:07 - United States

Today, I finally taught my mom how to text message people. Now I get a message from her every 30 seconds saying "Hi". FML
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this is why you dont show old people new things they get over excited

well are you texting back..if not ydi


well are you texting back..if not ydi

Hahaha, my mother used to do that as well. It's not as bad as it used to be but she gets upset when I don't reply to her text messages.

My boyfriend taught his mom how to text and now uses text messaging as a way to practice her English (they're from Asia). She texts him repeatedly through the day with things like this, it's cute :')

tell her to stfu

yeah, by means of text! :D That way there's a possibility she won't understand what "stfu" means :P

your a douche bag.

My mom did the same. Hope this doesn't double post.

My mom has known how to text since before I was born :P

change ur number in her contacts...

>:) i like the way you think.

this is why you dont show old people new things they get over excited

lol win because it's funny because it's true :D

oh ho ho ho ho yess! it's funny because it's trueee! 10points to whoever guesses the reference

Yes, +10points.. there you go. Don't spend it all in one place!

Well at least she cares. Feel important.

I agree did you read the other FML about op family ditching her??? that's worse!

haha luckily it takes my mom 30 seconds just to find a letter

I highly doubt you receive a text every 30 seconds. Every few minutes sounds much more believable. Maybe you should, oh, I dunno, ANSWER the woman who gave birth to you? Sounds like an easy solution to me...

Nah...I don't really feel like it :P