By Noname - 02/02/2009 04:31 - United States

Today, I was looking after my parents house and their wiener dog, and fell asleep on the couch. The dog climbed onto my shoulders and rested behind my head like a doggie neck pillow. All was great until she farted right in my left ear. FML
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i seriously lol'd when i read that.

tiki_92090 0

that is all dachshunds do. :)


tiki_92090 0

that is all dachshunds do. :)

i seriously lol'd when i read that.

My dachshund does that! Oh my GOD it's the WORST!

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I'm sorry, but that sounds so cute! LOL

Haha that's my FML on a daily basis. Accept they're my dogs, and they're boston terriers.

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OMFG IN YOUR EAR?! EFF YOUR LIFE! ..... Yes, i use sarcasm.

In my neck of the woods we call that the whistling whinthrop.

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I would forgive a weiner dog if it did that to me, cause they're SOOO CUTE! :D

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Yeah, most dogs could get away with murder with cuteness. Gotta love 'em!

lmfao, wiener dog. Ive never heard a 'sausage' dog called a wiener dog before hahahahaha It sounds so strange !

I've never heard "sausage dog" before. Where are you from?