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Today, I was playing with my dog, when she started sniffing my face. Jokingly, I got up and started to sniff her face back and asked "Yeah, how do you like that?" She replied by biting into my face. FML
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I'm not a dog expert or anything but I think that means she didn't like it

In the dog's head: "I smell another dog on you. WHO IS SHE?"


Bet you won't be trying that again any time soon.

I just tried it myself, my dog licked me.

@60 One of my dogs licked me too! The other didn't give a shit.

I don't know what worse, the fact that OP got bitten in the face, or the fact that the commenter's thought it might be a good idea to try it out for themselves..

They were just trying to understand OP's situation, I'm guessing OP might have been looking in the dogs eyes at the same time and that dog took it as a challenge (happened to me before).

I'm not a dog expert or anything but I think that means she didn't like it

In the dog's head: "I smell another dog on you. WHO IS SHE?"

More like "someone bigger than me is getting in my face and threatening me, I have to stand up for myself"

umm any trained dog should never bite a face! That is a huge flashing neon sign that says "issues"! Regardless of OP being in the dogs face, since she stated it was her dog, this shouldn't have happened. My dogs wouldnt bite anyone let alone me or my family! My sisters kid grabbed my boys face (one little finger in the bottom of his eyelid, her thumb up under his lip and scrunched it all together) and all he did was look at me, no whining or grumbling! He knew she didnt mean it, but had he done anything else we would have had a really big problem. my girl will growl a little if backed into a corner by the kids but thats it, and she gets in trouble for that! Since we know she's upset we keep the kids from chasing her. But you can't watch kids and dogs 100% of the time so you have to train them. OP part of this is on your bad parenting. If the dog is a rescue or an older dog, I would say look into training classes fro. your vet, not Petsmart. If she's a young pup, keep at it, get in her face, pull a bit, tug on things, don't hurt her just let her know its all safe play and that she is loved. But the more you interact with her/him the less likely this will happen again. I hope you are ok.

#85 When are you getting your book published?

Im not sure its bad parenting or the fact that you dont know that its natural to get pissed off sometimes

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Any dog will bite if it feels it needs to, no mater how trained it is.

Wrong, if it feels threatened or sick it might. A well-trained dog respects its owner and doesn't bite them.

#19 - no, not necessarily. It's called bite inhibition, and my dog immediately backs away if his teeth even accidentally touch me in any way at any time. If my pit bull can do it, any dog can. Our trainer's dogs do it too, and they are little terrier types. Sometimes my dog will come up and lick where his teeth touched like he's trying to undo it. He hasn't nibbled at my husband or I since learning it as a little puppy, and has never bitten anyone. It's important to teach your dog incase they are in a severely threatening situation and feel the need to bite (and that's the only time they should/will feel the need), so that they know not to bite down hard. It's to protect the dog from being put down as much as to protect people. No dog should ever bite in the middle I play, or you have a badly trained dog.

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My friend's dogs have been trained not to bite no matter what. You can get right in their face, get down by their food while they're eating and put your hand in front of it, anything. The only instance I can see them biting is if someone was hurting a person they liked.

Funny, I had a pit and a Rottweiler growing up and the worst thing that happened to me was a fat lip from getting head butted while wrestling with them. Now #45 just to pop your bubble I'm going to give you the reason behind those numbers. Pits aren't a "bad" breed but they are a breed that most piece of shit humans think of as the best dog to train for fighting. It stands to reason that if a breed is associated with fighting and by and large is the #1 breed trained to fight then that breed would have the most attacks on humans. Don't just read a fact and regurgitate it, think about what causes the fact.

How about you look at a resource that's more reliable than one biased against pitbulls? Did you know that MANY people misidentify pitties, which is why site like yours are so unreliable and why even the CDC can't make lists of the most 'dangerous' dogs. Its not the breed its the person and situation. Any dog has the potential to attack. Pits, spaniels, poodles, retrievers, etc. So before you go spewing your nonsense. Try to use reliable sources. But good luck because reliable sources (AVMA, for example) know this whole "pitbulls are the most dangerous dog!" Stuff is crap. I've been doing animal rescue for nearly 10 years and have never seen an aggressive pit. Even the ones rescued from fights. I've worked in multiple vet clinics and studied veterinary medicine so I feel I have some knowledge on the subject. More than a website looking to bash on pitties, anyway.

Bloobloke, I have so much respect for you right now. It is good to know there is someone with some sense and knowledge. I've volunteered at my local vet clinic in their mini shelter and they many pits - at least 50. I've seen to each and every one at some point, and not one is even the slightest bit aggressive. There is a lot of dog fighting in my town, and over half of these pits were rescued from it. #45, try looking at an unbiased source next time.

And you guys are making blanket statements right back... "Pits aren't aggressive" "I've never seen an aggressive pit in ten years" etc etc. I'm sorry but the bullshit card is getting pulled out. I've been working at my local shelter every weekend I could for about 3 years. Almost all of the dogs with aggression issues are ex-fighting dogs and sadly most of those are pits. (This is California)There are maybe 5 dangerously aggressive dogs that weren't fighting dogs. I have seen plenty of these aggressive out for blood dogs get rehabbed and taken in by homes with kids and even other pets, so it's not like its hopeless. A lot of a dogs personality comes from how you train it. If you train it to be aggressive it will be aggressive, look at the difference in a police trained German shepherd and a family pet German shepherd. You don't hear the same public outcry there though, and that's because police Germans are trained by professionals, not some punks who want to watch dogs kill each other. TL:DR It isn't a dog issue it's a human issue.

Actually, a well trained Pit Bull -- even if trained for the rink -- is NOT supposed to show any aggression towards people. Dog Fighters may not be smart, but they are not stupid enough to use a dog that will bite someone who tries to separate them from a fight. People need to be able to reach in there during the middle of the attack, and not get bitten. That is considered a good fighting Pit Bull. If a dog shows aggression towards people, they are usually shot.

Hope this wasn't in public. Just image this happening to someone next to you on the street...

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Dogs smell fear. You should fear smelling.

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why is this getting downvotes this is the best comment here

Yeah dogs don't like that sort of thing. They don't like having their face blown on either, before you go and try that too

My dog loves it but he is a little strange

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My dog loves it when you blow in his face and if you act like you're licking him he'll just lick back. Therefore you know some asshole dogs.

seems like you were barking up the wrong tree.

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I would do that too. How did they deserve it? Usually you do that expecting your dog that probably never bites would do that.

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You should never put your face right next to an animals.

My parents told me as a little kid to never put my face next to a dog, even if it was friendly. It is pretty much common sense.

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I put my face next to my dogs like this all the time. But she's trained well enough not to bite...

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#27- You're telling me you never put your face next to that little ball of fur in your picture?

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I agree, I constantly have my face right up against my dog. She loves to rub her face against mine and place her nose under my chin. A well trained dog doesn't bite unless there is something physically wrong with them.

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I don't put my face next to my dog. I pet him and give him treats but I don't put my face next to his.

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I always cringe when I see videos of people putting their faces near a dogs I cringed a bit as I read this.