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Today, I was driving on the freeway when I get a call from my friend explaining that our two best friends died in a car accident. I pulled over in hysterics and a cop came to see what was wrong. I explained what happened and he gave me a ticket for talking on the phone while driving. FML
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thats terrible =[ im so sorry for your losses

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aww, i'm so sorry :( thats so messed up


thats terrible =[ im so sorry for your losses

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Oh My, I'm terribly sorry. That is plain awful. Please try and be strong throughout that, And that cop is a complete jerk! Best of wishes to you! :(

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YDI for breaking the law, no offense you should be jailed.

I'm replying to one of these comments so the OP can read. You can contest this ticket in court, against the officer. No doubt they'll be on your side, this officer is a douche. Edit: Sorry for your losses.

go **** yourself 91. really, jailed? you're a dumb ass. Perhaps these two?

The FML isn't about her friends dying, it's about the ticket. And she did deserve the bloody ticket. She knowingly broke a law, with no good excuse. Further, by getting hysterical, she demonstrated why the law is in effect to begin with. How can you _not_ say YDI?

yes it is retard. you may be a heartless bastard and only care about having to pay for a ticket (that a cop gave you while you were crying hysterically(and still blame yourself)) after 2 of your best friends die, but this FML was about their friends dying and then the cop adding insult to injury. that's why i didn't YDI , you freaking, messed up, a-hole, retard.

that cop is a douche nozzle if you ask me >:( "oh hey, this girl just lost her 2 best friends, imma write her a ticket for talking on the phone cuz i'm a heartless bastard" sorry for you losses though :'( idk what i'd do if i lost my best friend

Yeah! Stupid bad cops actually enforcing laws! Where are the good ones, who let people get away with anything?

Let's be real, they probably got killed in a car wreck from talking on their phones. He was doing you a favor so you don't see your friends anytime soon.

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Two things: 1. The officer isn't necessarily at fault here. He's doing his job. And my god! Look at how many people here posted with the comment "fake", so you can't blame the officer for not believing her. Not to mention, there's probably plenty of other people lying about something happening. I mean honestly, how many of you have lied to get out of a ticket? 2. Sure, it might be safe to talk on the cellphone, but obviously she couldn't handle doing both things at once. That's why the officer noticed and pulled her over. Btw, do you know how many accidents are caused by people talking on cell phones? She was putting other people as well as herself in danger. Now, it might not seem like a big deal to everyone else, but why don't you say that to the people who died from something like that. So yes, she has to pay some money, because the officer was doing his job and trying to save other people's lives. Not to mention, she didn't know her best friends died before she answered the phone. Anyway, OP, I'm sorry for your losses, but please try to be a better driver. I'm just playing devil's advocate here, though. You in now way deserve it.

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All the posts have to start with "Today" ..soooo that doesn't necessarily mean it happened today! =)

No, I don't. I happen not to buy into the "laws are perfect" bullshit you seem to believe. Especially when it comes to technology. In general, laws have a difficult time keeping up with technology unless there is a *very* strong push (as in high-profile reason, not a good, solid reason). In fact, the US Department of Transportation determined in 2003 that using a cell phone while driving is as bad as driving drunk, even if you use a hands-free set. Why haven't you heard of this study? Because it was just recently released. The US DoT was afraid of upsetting Congress. She knowingly broke the law, causing a potentially dangerous situation. She deserves this one.

Your reading comprehension fails. She said she was driving and pulled over because she was in hysterics after finding out what happened, THEN the cop stopped to see how she was doing. He gave her the ticket ONLY because she said told the cop she was on the phone.

Agreed! You should contest this ticket in court. It's very likely that he won't even show up (most police officers don't care about tickets unless it's something that REALLY irks them, like a DUI), but if he does show up, you can claim that it was an emergency call you recieved. Emergency calls are allowed while driving, HOWEVER they're still looked down on, seeing that it's still being on a cell phone while driving. All in all, the officer is probably a cold-hearted asshole and wasn't really caring about what's wrong, but moreso probably saw your pulled over car as a way to get more money for the state. If he actually cared, he wouldn't have had 'cellphone' trigger his mind, but 'dead' be the emphasis word instead. I'm very sorry about your two best friends, and make sure your third best friend goes to court with you as a witness that she called you about the incident.

You weren't on the phone when the cop came, so you can say you were on speaker and since he can't legal claim to have seen you, problem solved. But I am very sorry to hear your loss.

Really? This person just tells you her two best friends died, and all you care about it breaking the law? That's ******.

Reread these lines, TxRev, "I was driving on the freeway when I get a call from my friend explaining that our two best friends died in a car accident. I pulled over in hysterics." Notice how it is phrased, She was driving on the freeway prior to getting the call. And even if she had pulled over before answering, she wasn't supposed to stop in a freeway unless her car had maintenance problems. AND the fact she pulled over in hysterics implied that she picked up and heard the news before stopping. I agree with some of the points #197 made. The officer wouldnt know if you're telling the truth or not. But disregarding the ticket, I am very sorry for your loses and hope that you will get through the tough times you face.

I don't disagree that she shouldn't have answered it in the first place, but #197 was under the impression that the cop pulled her over. Not so. The cop only gave her the ticket after she TOLD him she was talking on her cell phone, not because he observed reckless driving.

#228 that's not an excuse to break the law. still this is harsh for the op.

soozin it amazes me how you quote the post then still fail to comprehend what was said. When the hell did she stop 'in' the freeway? She pulled over into the emergency lane, and used it appropriately. Your car doesn't have to be disabled in some form or fashion for you to use that lane. Emergencies aren't just car related. Even still, the cop issued a ticket after the fact. He himself never saw her on the phone. That's like getting arrested for selling weed the day before. You have to be caught in the act for that sort of violation.

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idk what the laws are in other states but in CA if a cop is more then 200 ft away from you when you did what ever it is, (running a red light, not stopping for a stop sign, speeding or even talking on the phone) you can dispute it in court. if he didnt see you do it he cant give you a ticket. there are loopholes for every law you just have to know how to play this flawed system. PS. i'm sorry for your loss.

This may or may not be true (I want citations, dammit!), but the OP says she explained to the cop. Confessions are chargeable, even if the cop had been the next state over when the event occurred.

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sooo true #268, but anyways dont talk on the phone while driving, thats can prevent so many more lost lives.. but sorry for your losses :(

it just wouldn't be a FML line of comments unless someone said: Leave it to a woman.

Dude. The cop didn't pull her over, she pulled over herself and he came to see why. She clearly could handle talking on the phone and driving at the same time, and had enough sense to pull over when she wasn't in a condition to drive.

Your life sucks, but you also deserve the ticket... because when you decided to answer the phone while driving on the freeway, you didn't know about the loss, you only found out about that after you picked up the phone.

#107 is incorrect unfortunately. It would be against the law for the judge to consider the fact that your friends died, but there are two ways you can fight it 1) lie and say the police officer misunderstood, and that you had taken the phone call before you started driving but then had to pull over again because you were so upset. Or, 2) When a cop testifies in court they have to speak first, plead not guilty, don't say anything and see if this asshole really admits how he knew that you were talking on the phone while driving. Sorry about your friends. I hope people read this and start to take the road more seriously.

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How would she contest it? She was talking on the phone while driving - regardless of the situation.

i'm sure. cos yakow if my two best friends died the first thing i'd think when i get home is "hey! ima go write about it on fmylife"

Sad to hear about your loss(if its true); but my problem is... when you lose two important people in your life, you don't have the time, neither do you care to post about it online... hence "TODAY.." just sounds a bit fake... maybe you're just trying to get some attention.

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your friends die and one of the first things you feel the need to do is write on fmylife ? come on...

I don't know you, but have my condolences.

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YDI for talking on the phone while driving. If their hadn't been a place to pull over you could have caused an accident yourself and killed someone.

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The cop is in no way wrong to give you a ticket. The OP did a stupid thing. If the phone rings, she won't instantaneously go "Oh hey, friends died, better pick that up and find out". It's a stupid habit and the cop saying "Al rite den, I believe you young lass!" wouldn't have encouraged her to be a better driver in the slightest. Protecting society from a woman conforming her stereotype is more important than keeping 1 person happy. As for contesting due to "Emergency Call", when the phone rings from someone else it is in no way an emergency call. For something to be classed as an emergency call, you actually have to make the call yourself because you are in an emergency. Unless of course the phone beeps out "EMERGENCY CALL PICK ME UP NAU!!!!!" which is highly improbable. I'm mean. Get over it or I'll burn your house down and cook your pets over a spit roast.

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228, agreed. " two of my best friends died.. BUT I GOT A ******* TICKET." -.-

I give you my best wishes): But be strong in this time(: here's a heart -->  You probably need it.

But curryndricegirll, it is questionable whether or not the cop had PHYSICAL proof of her talking on the phone while driving. She told him she got a call that he friends had died - who's to say that she didn't pull over and take the call? She didn't, yes, but that cop can't assume that she was driving while talking on the phone. That's like me telling a cop, "I drove drunk one" - which I haven't - and him arresting me. He can't arrest me because he THINKS I did something. I could have been lying, and he cannot arrest me based on suspicions or hearsay. That is wrong, and that is why everyone is saying the cop is a douche - which I, frankly, agree with. In this case, there are so many open ends as to what the cop saw and didn't see, although it seems pretty clear that he didn't see her talking on the phone while driving.

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aww, i'm so sorry :( thats so messed up

Cops are such assholes, that is SO messed up..

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talking on the phone =/= shitty driver. plenty of people are perfectly capable of talking and driving at the same time. it's not illegal to talk to a passenger while driving, why is the phone any different? and how does hysterical = incapable of driving correctly. christ, you people act like driving is quantum physics when it's not. you want to pull off the road, all you have to do is glance over your shoulder first. i'm pretty sure even a hysterical person can manage that much, as evidenced by the fact that OP did NOT get into an accident while attempting to pull over. OP, **** that asshole cop. he could've at least let you off with a warning considering the horrible news you just got. FYL :(

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It'd be worse if they didn't pull over when their eyes were filled with tears and you shouldn't be so harsh. Maybe there is an emergency cell phone at the house where their friend lives and OP knew about it? That might be an excuse, I mean, if it's an EMERGENCY. Like, someone dying.

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#147, there's a HUGE diffrence between murder and talking on the phone while driving... :l

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driving and talking on a cell phone at the same time shouldn't be against the law... ******* liberals

How about drinking and driving? Because the US Department of Transportation says they're about equivalent.

Do they really? I would LOVE to see the statement that says that talking on the phone while driving (which I do ALL the time), and drinking and driving are equivalent. That's just plain wrong.

Here's an NY Times article with the cliffnotes version, since I don't expect anyone to read the whole thing: If you are in the mood for some heavier reading, though, here's the full 266 page version:

while i agree with you in principle, laws actually vary from state to state regarding cell phone usage. there are a number of states that require you to use a hands-free, one-eared headset. many people can drive safely while talking on the phone, but there are enough people who cannot that warrants a problem. funny enough (situational funny, not haha funny), i actually got rear-ended three days ago by a guy who was distracted by his conversation on his cell. OP, i am so very very sorry for your loss.

oh and, uh, not that's it's important, but my last comment was a reply to #139... a whole lotta comments popped up between the time i started writing and when it got posted, so my comment made no sense in context of the comments directly above it >_>;;

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I agree the cop's an ass but it's hard to argue that you don't deserve the ticket. Just because most people get away with it doesn't make it less illegal. You were just unlucky. Your friends even more so.

I don't know why someone would post this here...maybe because it's FML? /shrugs

Woah. I'm really sorry for your losses. Stupid cop. :[

Jeeze, you pulled over at least, unless he was right behind you how could he have caught you *driving* while on the phone. Pulled over =/= not driving.

She explained what happened, apparently, so she probably said she was on the phone while driving.

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either way, the cop was a dick for not being a tiny bit sensitive. sorry for the losses

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dude its not a free pass OP would still get a warning, and depending on the state, talking on the phone isnt a set reason to be pulled over, like in my state you have to be pulled over for something else before talking on the phone

Even if the cop was having a bad day, that's pretty ****** up Sorry for your loss :(

Aww =[ Damn, I'm so sorry. Hang in there and stay strong. That cop sounds heartless.

omg that is awful what a dick! so sorry for your losses

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**** the police, coming straight from the underground.

**** that shit, cuz I ain't the one For a punk mufucka with a badge and a gun To be beating on! Ah, I know that entire song :) Also, they try to mace me to blind me. But that shit don't work, I just laugh... blah blah blah.