By Anonymous - 24/09/2011 04:40 - United States

Today, I received a serious concussion and several stitches to the back of my head. The attacker? My mom. FML
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Should I call Jerry Springer?

Bitches be crazy. Or maybe, you did something which you "omitted" on purpose. The plot thickens. I demand the full story!


Should I call Jerry Springer?

Nah, you should probably call DEFAX.

enonymous 8

Bing Crosby never told her about those sweet valencia oranges... Cheap and they don't show bruises.

YourEvilHero 12

now I want to know how she got it. come on now details people!

Alexisthebestest 16


I wonder if OP did deserve it. "Mama usually don't crack no skulls less they deserve it." (Dear grammar Nazis, please take notice of the quotation marks. This is a direct quote from some drunk guy.)

Or call the police since that's illegal... Just sayin

no one desearves that

The FML isn't true. No mom would ever do that. Unless she wants to go to jail and send her child to foster home

LiyIa_fml 8

It could have been an acident. The OP didn't say how or why. Making us very nosey people want to know more:) Even if the Mom did do it on purpose, I wouldn't call the cops because 1. Social services suck. 2. I love my Mom too much. But this is just my oppinion.

It was probably an accident (I hope) for example, she could have thought it was a burglar or just accidentally wacked her upside the head.

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Uhh....Why did she do that?

Probably thought OP was a burglar or something.

There was a bull's eye taped to the back of OP's head. True story.

kings1fan 6

Who's the real victim here?? What did you do to your mom in order for her to do this?

crazychick1269 7

Well you never know the mom could have a physiological disease :(

Maybe OP just didn't cleaned his room.

LiyIa_fml 8

I agree with 32 100% it could have also been an accident. Either way sorry OP!

CookieMonstr19 0

Can someone say child abuse! Ur supposed to say child abuse now

NurseHolly 3

32- Are you sure you meant physiological? That pertains to pretty much everything... I think you meant to say psychological. (pertaining to the mind)

Jerry Jerry Jerry!

Tough love....literally.

Well you know what they say Love Hurts..

Wrong type of love there, sweetheart

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Your picture scared the crap outta me.

HAHAHA so true ;)

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Please change ur profile pic it scared the crap outta me! No offense

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Wat did u do?

What do you think she would do if she had a concussion?

Bitches be crazy. Or maybe, you did something which you "omitted" on purpose. The plot thickens. I demand the full story!

MsMeiriona 2

Ok, this story is missing some critical details. Spill. Why'd she do it?

Hope you're okay op!

Dammit son are you demented? Never make fun of your mom when she has a midlife crisis and decided that she is catwoman or smth he'll hath no fury liketh a women scorned

yamatelle 19

You told her she was moody, didn't you...?! Here's a safety tip: You're safer teasing a grizzly bear than telling a woman in menopause she's moody.