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  Blackmail111  |  9

Your boyfriends an "ass" I think you should take a "crack" at finding a new one. There's a
"whole(hole)" bunch of dating sites 'but(Butt)" don't worry you'll find someone else

  stephan18  |  23

Well technically there was no ouch her ass went numb, bet she even let her boyfriend do anal since she couldn't feel anything? :D he thought it through

  nalia18  |  8

We got your t shirt
You left fingerprints and all
You are so dumb you are really dumb
For reals
The man got away leaving behind evedance
I was a attacked by some idiot in the projects
So dumb so dumb so

  satph  |  12

bout 5'9 5'10, coffee complexion, low cut like a ceaser, with some little waves in his hair, smooth skin, very smooth face, seeing my sister, when i walked in, he had his arms around her neck. first thing to do, was to pull him off of her... and that's what i did :D

  flockz  |  19

no no no *clears throat*

the boyfriend wanted her ass numb because he was planning on taking her to a picnic in the middle of an enchanted forest by horseback. this is where he was going to propose. but since his little pansy ass was going to inevitably get rejected, he instead hired a hoard of forest creatures that he planned on slaying one by one in front of her to show his love. this would impress op so much that she would HAVE to say yes! but what he did not expect was i, the great flockz of FMLtopia, will foil his plans! i will kidnap his soon to be wife and marry her myself!! hahaha

*exhales* ya that's some gooooood shiiit.