By myheadhurts - 12/11/2013 02:14 - Canada - Vancouver

Today, I got a concussion. It was when an entire shelf of bicycle helmets tumbled onto my skull. FML
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boxbrandon11 20

To bad you weren't wearing a helmet!

Lol 16, We don't even know were this happened and whose fault it was. For all we know OP could own a bike store.

Rainhawk94 27

it's like tripping over a wet floor sign

Ashlei69 4

#49 no it's like slipping with a wet floor sign if you were the worker

thats why we always wear a helmet on or around bikes

\ 28

There are some things that no helmet can adequately protect against. Like Perdix's stinging rhetoric.

andrealovvve 17

#3- So you're saying you wear helmets everywhere you see one that's around? That's strange..

#3, on or around? If you're outside almost anywhere there are usually bikes around, so you would constantly be wearing a helmet. Gotta protect that dome!

Rainhawk94 27

Around bikes? What are they going to do? Transform and beat the living crap out of you?

wolfman2123 13

It was meant sarcastically come on guys.

Llama_Face89 33

54- Those who don't understand the concept of sarcasm shouldn't try to use it.

DenBriZel 31

At least you were wearing a helmet... Oh wait.

Funny because if she was wearing a helmet she may not have got a concussion.

So much for helmets being used as protection!

The irony is strong with this one. I'm sorry OP.

You didn't do it so: Such irony, so funny, wow.

Aw op, you got to admire the irony! But hope you're better soon!