By Thomas - 20/09/2010 07:16 - United States

Today, I was on my way home on an airplane. The guy I had to sit next to was reading a book with naked girls in it. About 15 minutes into the flight, he had an erection and started to giggle. It was a 2 hour flight. FML
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hairt 4

when you land remember to...... hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide your husband coz they're rapin' errbody out there!


What is wrong with getting an erection? Better than a flacid limp dick. i'm proud of my erections!

iSitt 0

did you smell something funny ?

530boy 0

Today, I saw a naked chick looking at a book with erections in it. Then she got an erection,FML.

MissErikaHart 0

mind ur own business op. at least he wasn't interested in talking to u for 2 hrs. airplane small talk is the worst

KingDingALing 9

If you're a girl, OP, then maybe you should give him a hand with his "erection" ;). If you're a guy, jack off right next to him until he moves. Problem solved! :D

iiAteCookies 0

You are my new best friend. OP would have to beat the meat under a blanket or something.

Better he jacks off than reading the Koran. That would have scared the hell out of me.

1221jamw 11

69- How come you're always 69 while talking about sex

Mustve been HARD to be on the flight! ha get it?

its just frowned upon, like masterbating on an airplane

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BadPinkKitty07 0

thumbs up for the hangover reference! :D

H8rSk8r 0

I guess you could say that bearing that trip (*puts on sunglasses*) was hard. Yeaaaaaahhhh!!!!!

skanksonaplane 0

32/82: FFS, why would someone reading a Koran on an airplane be scary? Let's analyze this for a moment: A) Very few Muslims are terrorists. B) Reading the Koran is not necessarily evidence that someone is Muslim, anyway; people of many religions (including atheists) read it. And the biggest, C) Would a terrorist really bring along and openly read a Koran on an airplane?! With security and traveller paranoia being the way it is now, I can't really see that happening. Honestly, you may as well say seeing a white guy reading a Bible or driving a van is scary. Ever heard of Timothy McVeigh? -.-

134 Jane - Agreed, but one thing, I can't find a GOOD reason that an athiest would read the Qua'ran... Only for studies and/or other things. Also, why would any other religion read the holy book of some other religion?

zendaddy0 0

10 I know I love buildin stuff too erectin a dispenser

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wolfshadow 4

Ever stop to think it was a Porno?

Did you switch seats? That would have freaked me out!

NightSkyx 0

it's every guys dream to Jack off in midair!

I don't think a guy could get an erection while sitting next to you anyway.

Tweety122888 0

there's a spanish singer that actually did that.

yer a dude right? ya? just checking. no but serious, what a perv.....

if op is a guy, both of you can actually read together? lol

read with him or just ignore him! it's normal for guys maybe..

No it is most certainly not normal for guys to do this ?

haha that sucks.. at least he wasn't reading the Kama Sutra and contorting himself into various positions with wood.

I would of just watched **** on my phone...

I doubt jeZuss would really, because he'd have had to go to the effort of downloading it as internet devices aren't allowed to be used on planes. He doesn't strike me as the type to put so much thought into something. Ah well, OP, at least it's over now.

Schizomaniac 24

Hahaha. Cinn's comment made me laugh, loudly.

ZoroFresh 0

it's 2010 cinn Internet, Internet everywhere.

Maybe it's just the two planes I was on recently that said 'no internet usage during flight', but I thought that was a fairly common thing.

your clearly unintelligible of some airlines policies. Know your facts before grouping everything into one ignorant comment.

*you're. And was that aimed at me or Zoro?

M16a2 0

Cinn, it's called "downloading before you get onto the plane".

*facepalm* that was entirely the point in my first post.

yummycupcakegirl 0

or he could have already save it on his phone so he can watch without Internet

Do some people even read the comments they reply to?

tngodzilla 0

What everyone should have replied is why do we care? it's obvious it wasn't a super well thought out plan, but I don't think it was meant to be. It's no big deal, jeez.

That is true, but I was referring to people who seem to be trying to correct someone by repeating what they said and therefore just making themselves look silly.

moderated for saying ******? That's queer.

imright24 0

Seriously, what does this have to do with pedophilia other than being read by some bieber loving dude that can't think of anything but molesting kids?

momony_fml 0

have ya seem it picture ? that's pedophilia !!!

So just let the dude enjoy his book n stop checking out his erection you perv haha