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Today, while practicing my gymnastics routine on the uneven bars, I was so distracted by my teammates' conversation about a party later that I miscalculated my flip and smacked my head on a bar. Ten stitches and a concussion later, I was left alone in the hospital. FML
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  JonaDona  |  2

just keep walking on the grass, and when a pokemon jumps u just attack it with your own

  UnluckyChicka  |  0

#5 u have to master all the skills in the current level and the next, most likely be good at those levels, and then a coach most likely will decide u r ready for the next level.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

Not that I believe him, I'm just pointing that out. Also, some people consider one's status in their country as more important than their status in the rest of the world.

By  skulluks  |  0

You should have your own party and make them all over hear about it with everybody asking you about it very enthusiastically, only to have it somewhere else so they will be left out.

Oh and put itching powder in there talk stuff.