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Today, while practicing my gymnastics routine on the uneven bars, I was so distracted by my teammates' conversation about a party later that I miscalculated my flip and smacked my head on a bar. Ten stitches and a concussion later, I was left alone in the hospital. FML
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Why the hell were you doing gymnastics at a bar? Especially an uneven bar!

Confucius say, Man who flips out over partying will hit head when he gets to bar.


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OP focus on your routine instead of eavesdropping

what level r u?!? if ur like a 9 or 10 that's kinda patheticccc!!!!! lmao! I'm only a 7 but I got hurt and had to completely relearn everything in level 6.

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just keep walking on the grass, and when a pokemon jumps u just attack it with your own

#5 u have to master all the skills in the current level and the next, most likely be good at those levels, and then a coach most likely will decide u r ready for the next level.

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#3 is talking about levels of gymnastics, there are ten normal levels.

and then u can become elite, but you technically can test into it at any level. most people wait until after 10 and very few people actually become elites.

#11 ******* WIN! Hahahahaha I dam nearly pissed myself when I read your comment! :D

my girlfriend is brittni schuster she is elite. in the top 5 for best gymnasts in the world

my girlfriend is brittni schuster. elite gymnast and on of the best in the country

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first she's top 5 in the world, then top in the country. which story are you going with, you liar liar, plants for hire?!

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hahaha i literally laughed out loud at that

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maybe it was world but then she got demoted to country.

Technically neither of nickward5252 comments are contradictory since you can be one of the Top 5 in the world and one of the best in the country at the same time.

Not that I believe him, I'm just pointing that out. Also, some people consider one's status in their country as more important than their status in the rest of the world.

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I'm sorry but maybe she/he was thinking " hmm was I invited 2" NO JUDGING!

u were probly left alone because they were all partying

Whoa.... you know, I think you may be right!

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sounds like OP really flipped out over nit being invited to that party

^ Sounds like the recipe for a good pun, if you ask me. Your sentence structure is not so great either.

Who needs a party when you have crappy cable channels and awesome hospital food! Yay! No I'm jk **** your life.

Andrewzzz.. High Five to me! In fact I have some candy in my van! Want some? LOL

wow you must go to a shitty hospital then... last time I checked, there were TVs in the rooms in a hospital..

You should have your own party and make them all over hear about it with everybody asking you about it very enthusiastically, only to have it somewhere else so they will be left out. Oh and put itching powder in there talk stuff.

Confucius say, Man who flips out over partying will hit head when he gets to bar.

Haha You probably weren't invited to the party anyway

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YDI. why would a party be more important than you flipping around for gods sake?

Um, yeah... There are a few activities that shouldn't be attempted by people who are easily distracted. God help us all when you start driving.