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Today, I found a picture of my military husband kissing another woman. His excuse? It was photoshopped. FML
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My first thought Maybe to let us know he's far away

sydneylol 7

Well at least he didn't put on an accent and say it was his twin brother. XD


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My first thought Maybe to let us know he's far away

I was thinking that he was still in the military?

It's a crime to cheat on your spouse while serving in the military, unless she's implying that he should have better morals from being in the military.

chell1894 13

Thats almost as good as the "this all is a dream" guy

You mean in the English language?? Probably not but it sure does help that it exists.

enonymous 8

TMZ photoshopped it to break you up just like they recorded me buying and selling sex slaves to keep me from auditioning from the X-Factor

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perdix 29

Yes, it is, because it is probably a picture of his kissing a dude, but they photoshopped it to look like a girl. Since "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" expired a few days ago, he no longer has to "fix" pictures anymore. Of course, the OP has the problem that her husband kisses dudes. I'm glad to see my country slowly moving to granting full civil rights for all citizens. I'm totally straight, but I know injustice when I see it.

vibeplayer1112 0

She doesn't say how long they have been together. Most people join after high school. It could have been when he first joined.

I think she may have said military husband to let us know that she's been lonely and waiting and pining for him while he's overseas, and he apparently hasn't been doing the same. I personally think it's despicable and horrible when anyone cheats, but if it's your military husband, whom you wait and pray for and worry about every day they're away and can't wait for them to be back in your arms, and then find out he's been off cheating, it's worse. Just my opinion.

44 & 45 neither one of those is too bloody likely.

Oh and y not? In Canada u can join the Canadian Forces once you're 19.

Canada has a military?!?! ha no just messing with you :)

fr33m3xican 0

Usually it's the other way around, you come home from a deployment to find another man sleeping in your bed. I realize it must be lonely for husbands or wives, that's why I haven't gotten married yet.

Ammi 7

My guess is that she included it because she, like many of us, believed that because he was in the military, he would have more honor than a "normal" guy.

54 - You can join the Canadian Forces at 16, I believe, with guardian permission. I joined at 17.

a_nutritionist 10

because people in/dating someone from the military have a strange urge to tell everyone about it as though its some sort of prestigious title they need the world to know about.

Thread.... who gives a flying saluted ****?

je_suis_fml 11
pgenereux 0

Seriously. Don't use the word military because you want more sympathy. Him being in the military has nothing to do with your story.

LiyIa_fml 8

Who said she was after sympathy? My first thought is he stayed somewhere for some time and told his wife, "I have to stay a little longer, blah blah etc" so he could cheat on her. O:

137-No that's definitely a little extreme.I mean he doesn't deserve to die for kissing someone else.It's ****** up for sure but hope he gets shot? Nah

Yea, what he did was wrong, but you shouldn't wish death upon him!

chika_yeaah23 0

I was actually gonna say that. I guess military and non military are totally dofferent when it comes To husbands :-/ fail op

She said military so that you would know he was macking on other women while he was deployed.

I would never feel that way.. even my worst enemies. its really healthier not getting mad as to wish death. be mad at them yes. hope that woman cheats on them yes. death? come on. that's too far.

a_nutritionist 10

@137 why would i expect people who kill others for a living to have BETTER morals? how do you people even come to this conclusion? its as though youre brainwashed into thinking soldiers are better than everyone else, its really quite pathetic.

rexgar2000 10

who cares if she added military, maybe she was proud that her husband is a soldier and support the troops.

Pretty sure 2 was talking about it being photoshopped...

It usually does. They usually have the most time to do it and get away with it... Most of the time. I'm a military wife myself. I worry at times too. At least OP didn't actually buy that crap.

What a logical, well thought out amd incredibly useful comment! Oh my, I wish we had more commentors like you. The originality is just too much for me! I think I'm going to faint in awe.

not every comment has to be oh so useful. glad that you're going to faint in awe, makes me so proud that I'm capable of that.

I appreciate intelligent comments that pertain to the FML or references to other FMLs. Comments like yours drag the collective IQ of this site down several dozen points.

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ImOlivia 5

60 & 72, that is INCREDIBLY rude. Cyber-bullying is illegal in some states, try being polite to others because there is a reason behind laws.

Go screw yourself deary. Free Speech is legal in 50 States.

98- Take your bullying and shove it up your ass. This site is a (mostly) open forum, we can say whatever we want to whomever we want provided it isn't incredibly offensive.

NagatoPain 4

Ok 98 we will listen to you! Sike! Alot of people can say anything now on the Cyber World! Especially on FML! You also have some sort of duck face too actually! ^_^

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ShroomsOnAcid 16

Except when people don't know how to use it and just end up embarrassing themselves.

LiyIa_fml 8

Real beauty is better then fake beauty. Photoshopped images should be shown with the original to compare and show the talents the person took the time to do. A compare and contrast sorta thing. But people abuse it for self confidence reasons.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

When you see a picture of a chick with a huge rack, please inspect the rest of the picture. You know, the part that doesn't have her rack in it. Somehow, nobody ever notices that just a little past her chest, her arm/friend's body/doorframe/any vertical structure is hideously bent out of shape. It might not be photoshop though. Her boobs might just be so gargantuan that they can't be contained in this dimension without a warp of space.

sydneylol 7

Well at least he didn't put on an accent and say it was his twin brother. XD

That doesn't even make sense. People, if you're going to reference another FML in a noob attempt to be funny, make sure you at least do it right.

I can't decide what's worse: youtubers thumbing up stupid comments or fmlers thumbing down smart comments. Oh internet...

sydneylol 7

I can't decide what's worse: You or your comment.-_-

je_suis_fml 11

81- take your thumbs down like a man!

How does it not make sense? That was the excuse of that other FML and this FML excuse is a little more reasonable so it is good, in fact, that he didn't make a fake accent and say it was his twin.

LiyIa_fml 8

TheLetterZero, It doesn't make sense but you could still refrence to the correct FML. Obviously you understood it, stop trying to be a internet bully:)

sugar42 0

yeah... but ppl don't thumb down yours because there are smart... that's just what you think

sugar42 0
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Not only must you kiss my ass for being such a douche, you must also kiss his ass. Everyone is entitled to say whatever they want, and that means you don't go around trolling.

crazychick1269 7

most likely not... considering it is an fml

gusgus36 5

Your life sucks, no doubt, but you didn't need to say "military"... Don't need to give them all a bad name :-/

But, she doesn't give them all a bad name, does she? I don't get it, there are enough FML's here about military husbands where the word 'military' is also unnecesary, but in those FML's, the husband did something good and nobody is complaining there. On the contrary, there are always many people complimenting them about their bravery. But now it's about a military husband who did something wrong, and now some people want to delete the word 'military' immediately, because 'it gives them a bad name'. Come on guys, soldiers are normal people, they can also do bad things, there is no reason to censure that and only talk about their good deeds.

Well, I don't think she's trying to. Cheating on your douse while serving in the military is a crime, or she's just saying he should have better morals.

sydneylol 7

18- uhh dude she was just saying that OP didn't have to use the word military in her fml.

Oh shit, now that somebody posted an FML about a "military" husband cheating on his wife, I now think all men in the military are scumbags. Let's completely forget about all the sacrifices and good deeds they do for their country.

enonymous 8

Censor I believe is what you meant.

Alexisthebestest 16

Maybe she is implying that the picture was taken while he was away.

vibeplayer1112 0

In most cases it is the spouse that isn't serving that cheats.

18, The point is it's weird, random and unnecessary. It has nothing to do with giving them a bad name. You don't hear people posting "Today I found a picture of my taxidermist husband kissing another woman". It's guess it was used as almost a bragging right, and it's awkward sounding.

18, And I don't believe they are normal people either. Yeah they are people and they are capable of the same things we are but they also put their lives on the line for your country. My great grandpa and my boyfriend both can't tell me half the crap they have been through to be able to do that for us. That takes a special person.

a_nutritionist 10

yeah, theyre not normal thats why theres such strict requirements to get into the military, because theyll only take the best of the best. people who are above and beyond the average joe... or just anyone over 18 whos physically and mentally fit and of average intelligence.

ItsApril 0

um...most of the military people I know drink all the time and smoke "spice" which is illegal for them to do. Not to mention about half of the ones I know end up smoking pot and or other things when they get out if they weren't doing it to begin with. Also, just because they are military does not mean they are off fighting wars. Yes, the "soldiers" do when they need to. However, there are mechanics and desk jobs. I do not classify any of them as "special". They are regular people just doing their jobs for the most part. Doctors aren't "special" to you? Some of them risk getting diseases from patients sometimes, that is risking their lives as well....

ItsApril 0

Oh and I'm not saying I think doctors are "special". Just giving an example.

Order him to tell the truth. If that works with his commanding officers, then it should work for you.