By Anonymous - 25/11/2010 17:54 - United States

Today, I woke up with a hangover, a shaved head, and my period. FML
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sounds like she should be grateful that she has her period!!

rallets 22
rallets 22

damn..i was about to make it happen :O


Wow OP you sound like your 45 or sumthin getting drunk like that...

if she had sex last night, she could still be pregnant.

btnhdude 0

you mean she could be pregnant even if she didn't have sex and she could lose being pregnant if she did? holy crap OMG

bamagrl410 31

No, no 85, it's Britney Spears. Come on now!


Sounds like you had a Brittney Spears-esque night.

I really don't think you are kidding...

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hahaha thanks for the laugh!

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sounds like a new movie hangover 3 ladies edition

Time to buy a wig, some tampons, and some aspirin? I think yes.

58: Yes, because that completely makes sense, dip-wad!

Ouch is correct. At least she didn't wake up with balls. Now that'd be some crazy shi...

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Hahaha wow OP FYL! I'm sorry,that's really really shitty!

Periods aren't so bad :). But to the rest wow, just wow. FYL.

I think she just said that to emphasize on the fact that she is a girl, which means a shaved head is even worse.

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Either way. Periods are very bad for some women. So this whole FML would completely suck. but I still give OP an YDI.

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Speak for yourself! Periods are horrible.

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Another Great reason NOT to be a drunk!! Get into AA. next time you wake up after a bunge, it could be worse.

yeah, you could be splattered all over the ground, or dead in the water

Your so full of it. Not everyone who drinks needs AA. Just cuz she has asshole friends doesn't make her a drunk.

I think the fact that she was drunk makes her a drunk.

61 - Have you noted that Doc is sarcastic in 99.9% of his comments?

Steff- I think that's a resounding "No." Wow Canucks...just when I was going to compliment you on your choice of hockey teams...I'm hurt now. I'm going to go cry in the corner and eat a whole package of Oreos.

This makes me think canucks is an alchy. Poor guy... AA helps! Really! He's just not ready to take the first step: Denial.

So when he gets to step two, will he have to admit that the higher power that can restore his sanity is...Sirin?

Good lord. You're still freaking out! Rule of thumb. The ones one here most often (Cinn/JaneDoe/Nerdsgetmehot) make intelligent comments and give more insight to the situation. Other rule: People like me/Doc/Pendatik/Kay/Trollz4daLulz are all sarcastic, so assume that most comments made will not be made in a serious form. Breathe, kiddo.

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7 for all you know from the post that could be the first time op has ever drank. it's ok to drink every once in a while.

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ARe you sure it's a period? and not just the aftermath of non-consensual surprise buttsecks??

I'm pretty sure the OP knows the difference between blood out of her ass and blood out of her ******.

Yeah, seriously. This isn't South Park, I'm pretty sure a female would know the difference between rectal bleeding and a period.

How about non-consensual surprise vaginal sex? If done in a certain way, it can cause bleeding.

Haha, I was going to make fun of where the OP is from, but uhh... I'm from Florida. So all I can say is we party hard. A shaved head when drunk is funny, but it's even funnier when you are a girl. **** your life.