By ouch - 12/07/2013 07:22 - United States

Today, my mom got drunk and punched me in the nose, then yelled at me for bleeding on the carpet. FML
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Well how insensitive of you to bleed all over her carpet.

God what hell! Do you know how hard it is to get blood off the carpet?


Well how insensitive of you to bleed all over her carpet.

damn you for bleeding when punched OP.

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Get her drunk , then enlist her in WWE

Hahaha omg I am so sorry for you kiddo

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Damn it OP that was a challenge! She wanted to bare knuckle box for who gets control of the household and you caves!

40- There's a button for expressing your sorrow for OP. You should try it out.

@67 - In all fairness, a comment gives a face and a personality to the number. Even though thousands of people feel sorry for you, Jim and Jane feeling sorry for you feels nice as well.

What in the mother of ***** is wrong with parents these days... No pun intended :/

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67, there's a button for expressing your dislike of a comment. Maybe you should try that out. And yes, feel free to use it on mine.

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Yeah, she just won mine "Mother of the Year" trophy!

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Does this remind anyone of eminems song brain dead where his mom is like "look at you your getting blood all over my rug!" ?

Pabst Blue Ribbon turns normal people into trailer trash instantly.

so now op's mother is under the influence?

I didn't catch that in the first look over. but I meant that no one should assume she is drinking pbr, and not everyone one that does is trailer trash*

Or at least make it invisible blood. Or something easy like that.

God what hell! Do you know how hard it is to get blood off the carpet?

Pfffft... Thats an easy job all you need is a Sham Wow and a little bit of elbow grease.

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Not really, peroxide and an absorbent towel takes blood out of anything.... And I should note I know this from washing nursing scrubs. White nursing scrubs. What idiot thought it was a good idea to make people who handle blood, urine and excrement daily dress in white?

Because white denotes purity and cleanliness. You can also bleach EVERYTHING.

Vanish. Vanish is always the answer. At least that's what the adverts tell me!

"Bang! And the dirt is gone!" said Barry Scott.

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"Hi, it's Billy Mays here with another fantastic product."

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The God of infomercials. Silly child.

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39 is Irish we dont really know who billy mays is this side of the pond.

Shame on you both, Billy Mays is the reason why we can eat Chiptole without worry

If I were you OP I'd put a liquid laxative in the liquor

But then op would be cleaning up crap from the carpet not just blood.

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most importantly, if this behavior has been persisting, it's time for OP to call Al-Anon

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She should have, also, yelled at you for hitting her fist with your face..

Call child services. She'll sober up then (Unless your not a minor)

If he is not a minor then why call CPS?

I can't read for shit today. /gives up commenting for today.

seriously though, how old are you??

No idea why this has downvotes. No, hitting a child is never okay and yes, OP should call CPS.

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Punching a child in the face is never okay. A firm but gentle, redirecting backhand to the arm paired with a stern warning is perfectly fine, but beyond that, just don't.

Christ sake OP, get your head outta your ass, bleeding is for the weak.