By Clumsy Clumsy - 16/04/2016 16:27 - Canada - Spruce Grove

Today, I ran up to my boyfriend to kiss him when he got home from work. I tripped and I fell on him, and he fell backwards. He ended up hitting his head on the sidewalk and had to get stitches. He also had a concussion. FML
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You aren't supposed to take "falling in love" and "head over heels" literally.


Sorry to hear that, op. hope he gets better.

Not at all from looks of it assassination failed.

Awe that sucks...romantic gesture ruined

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So no sex then either or what?

There was no mention of ass or fecal matter in this FML. Can you please not?

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Out of all the stupid and irritating "shitty situation" posts out there, this ones the only one that made me laugh. Mostly cause you're so upset by it lol

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a scar to always remind him of your love!

You aren't supposed to take "falling in love" and "head over heels" literally.

You're not? Damn, I've been doing it wrong!

This is what he gets for telling people his girlfriend is a real knockout

At least you can say to your children that it was so romantic that you bowled him over and that he fell for you!

I have no idea why you were down voted for this…because Courage the Cowardly dog is amazing