By Anonymous - 19/03/2010 10:05 - United Kingdom

Today, I realized that my new boyfriend only showers about once every ten days, and to get him to shower more often I have to bribe him with oral sex. FML
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I hope you give him oral AFTER he bathes at least. gross.

easy fix... dump him. he has a problem, and it's not like you're married. what do you even find attractive about a guy who never showers?


YDI for not giving him a reason to shower everyday! and for not making him a sandwich

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I've met a number of guys who never shower (and are proud of it) but somehow get awesome women to still put up with them. Magic.

ew idiot, refuse to give him oral, you are doing it backwards.

yea gonna agree ure doing it backwards lol ydi for being an idiot

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I'd say that's a fair trade :P but that's gross only showering every ten days? I shower every day.

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eewwwwwww y would u want to have sex with him

I think your husband could be a genius...

Same. But I'm guessing the OP likes dirty sanchezs. :] and if you don't know what that is, urbandictonairy it.

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dude thats sick why would u have oral sex with someone who rarely takes a bath!!!! dump his ass!!!

I agree 86. He's totally got it right.

ur gonna get some crazy ass disease or something... haha!!!

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This is an easy fix. Give him oral everyday and he will shower everyday.

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thats Just Nasty... He Probably Has Lil Bugs Rollin On His Junk.!' Its ur Mouth...

wow great idea. I shud try that in my gf

Before, or after he takes a shower. I hope it's before he showers, because you totally deserve it if that's what it takes to get some action with you.

at 185 OP means "original poster" and YDI means "you deserve it."

Well atleast you now know the secret to get him to shower.

You probably suck at getting it on. Right?


Well you sure know how to pick em lol he sounds like a winner

Seems like you have beeb conditioned by your boyfriend lol. Shower = oral, so he knows what to do when he wants it...

Hahaha you calling someone else pathetic ? Try getting off FML for once in your life.

I hope you give him oral AFTER he bathes at least. gross.

She shouldn't give him oral at all for a long time. Gross..

Would you suck his dick if he washed it? No?You dirty c*ck sucker!

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Way to go OP. your my new hero

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well of course, he wouldn't want you sucking on a dirty dick

Well as long as you give him oral AFTER the shower.. otherwise eww

YDI for not having the female genitals to tell your boyfriend that if he doesn't shower at least 4x every week you will kick his ass BTW did you gave him a ******** BEFORE or AFTER he "showers"?, OP

I have a feeling the boyfriend just sits on the toilet reading a magazine while he turns on the shower to make it seem like he "showers."I had a cousin who did that. He would wash his hair only and use the towel to dry it. Very gross