By Anonymous - 02/08/2015 09:16 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend hasn't showered in two weeks. He says he doesn't want his "manliness" to wash off. FML
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I bet by now, he smells like trash left out in the sun for days


I bet by now, he smells like trash left out in the sun for days

that should already be implied. she'd probably get a bacterial infection

countryb_cth 38

I hope she has been. She probably would get an infection if she has sex with him

I agree. She could develop an infection from intercourse.

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I feel so bad for you. I bet you can smell his ball-soup from across the room.

This comment made me gag and laught simultaneously.

Time to buy lots of scented candles and aerosol spray.

it's literally written on cans that aerosols and deodorants should NOT replace personal hygiene?

Is there something you need to tell us, #65?

Why does he think he will lose his Manliness?

The stench of manliness: Wherein OP is forced to choose between B.O. and Axe.

Murilirum 23

Tell him it's in a 500ml bottle on the shower shelf and he's actually been lacking it lately.

sgdigaetano 3

Oh my gosh, dump his sorry ass. It will only get worse as your relationship goes on.

To #11: I really don't get this. If you were OP, would you dump his sorry ass just because he didn't take a shower? Breakups aren't the solution to everything. Grow up.

Definitely if he doesn't shower the stench will get worse as the relationship goes on.

Axel5238 29

Granted, though there may be other issues with his hygiene if he thinks showering washes off manliness. If someone neglects basic stuff like showering they are usually neglecting other things as well.

haha i clicked on this fml just to find the person submitting ridiculous "dating advice" and here they are lol