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  Blue_Coconuts  |  7

Murda 1? Lol..... I... I just don't know what to say lol...

Also it's easy for a guy to fake. Especially if you wear a condom. I've done it before when I got bored cuz the girl sucked...

  knight0748  |  5

yea guys can totally fake it if we wanted to. First of all, cumming doesn't mean a orgasm, it just means finishing for us guys. an orgasm is suppose to feel like an explosion, total release of build up pleasures. and yes, I've faked it.
Girls, please learn some techniques and don't leave everything up to us.

  vergaso  |  0

to whoever said it 53 is not an inside out Oreo or anything like that
the proper term is wanna be or wangsta
and it's fucking hilarious how hard he is trying hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  Th217  |  2

actually we's easier if were using a condom but if we just don't wanna go for that long well force it, which in my book is faking because we had to make it happen

  Emrysa  |  1

If it's faking anytime you have to force yourself to go early, because 'you did it'
then it's also faking anytime a woman gets off using her finger as stimulation, even if you're inside her at the time, since 'she did it.'

  RAWRstover  |  4

maybe he wasn't really faking it, he was just having one of those crappy orgasms.
I know there's two kinds.
there's one that's just like okay I'm done, and isn't that pleasurable.
but then there's the other kind that's like ahhhhhhhhh heeeelllllllllll.
maybe he just finally had the latter of the two?

  SneezyBear  |  27

#Shadowlor, this is gonna be TMI but well, you did ask to be enlightened.

I've only been with two guys in my life (talking serious relationships, I did date another guy for 2 months in first-year uni where nothing really happened - not counting him), so I can't account for everybody but I do know some things; some guys can 'twitch' their, um, instrument, to some degree (only when it's hard). Let's just say (especially if the girl was inexperienced) - it could feel a lot like orgasm contractions if she didn't know any different. And as someone else said, he could have been wearing a condom, quickly pulled out without her noticing... in fact, if he wasn't wearing one it may have been even easier to get away with faking it. Most girls don't have much nerve endings at their cervix, they have more at the entrance of the vagina. If she was on the pill and he came inside her, there's a good chance she couldn't actually feel the 'material' (as someone else put it), she'd just judge from the contractions, the moans, facial expressions.. what have you.

There you go. I hope you feel enlightened.