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  claireful  |  4

when my parents went out of the country I had to watch my 15 year old brother. he didn't shower or get out of his pajamas for 8 days. he only left to go to the bathroom. his stench marinated so long the room stunk for days!

By  oh_dee  |  0

I will NEVER understand why men think that it's okay to shower so rarely. Do they SMELL themselves? It's SUCH a turn-off! And then they complain about not having girlfriends! It takes guys literally three minutes to shower, and showering is relaxing and feels good. How could they NOT want to do that? I mean I get it if you want to go into the whole high water bills thing, but you CAN just use less water or not as hot water to lower the costs. Totally worth it if it means you don't smell like you have no idea what personal hygiene is.

  ElMundio87  |  0

I'll never understand why women think it's ok to use the term "men" and describe half the population with one stupid generalisation based on one person

  jpgray1982  |  0

OMG #51 I laughed so have after reading your comment. Just about everyone in my whole company has asked me what was so funny. BEST COMMENT ON ANOTHER COMMENT EVER!!!

  Quest_  |  13

Don't be so fucking rude, Internet Tough Guy. I'm prepared to bet you'd never make such personal remarks to her face, so don't do it on the net. Her forehead is fine, if anything, the angle of the photo makes it look more prominent. I am also prepared to bet that she looks a hell of a lot more appealing than any of you people laughing at total strangers on FML from your mother's basements.

  Masenko7  |  12

hey quest, guess what? I'm willing to say that to her face, I think her forehead is as big as germany (uglier though) and found that comment funny, oh oh and guess what? I look better than her and u put together, dont believe me? I got a photo here:) check it sweetie;) and my comment I wrote from my GF's basement, if u catch my drift :D
and let us not forget that she talked bad bout men first and her comment was plain dirty :D so fuck u mr. defender and fuck u mrs. forehead!


Er, sorry to burst your bubble 145, but you aren't as nice looking as you make out. >.>"

Plus, people who brag about looks are so concieted. Who cares if you look good? Incase you haven't noticed, FML is NOT a dating agency.

  Masenko7  |  12

155, u think I'm mentally retarded?:O I know FML isnt dating site -_-' and I'm not being arrogant or anything.. its just that this stupid fucked up blowjob "quest" calling her more appealing than that other guy and everyone else who's laughing at her.. well I laughed and I'm more appealing than she is so get ur facts based on real stuff homo!
if u disagree with me, ask ppl's opinions for comparison between my and her photo, then gimme a comment back -.-"

  Kgirl2cute  |  6

comment back: she looks happy, pretty and natural. the size of her forehead is totally irrelevant to that she is just expressing an opinion.
I can't believe you're so full of yourself that looks really come into this. you're really not that amazing-looking.

By  erjaguam  |  0

um what the hell? I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole. a week with no showering??? wow. I can imagine greasy hair, oily skin, sticky neck, ugh!

what are you going to do if he refuses to agree with you OP?

your life sucks for having a gross boyfriend.