By loser. - 20/03/2010 06:23 - Canada

Today, I dove into the water perfectly, and my bikini bottoms came off. I splashed around nervously. This guy must have thought I was drowning, and dove in to save me. He emerged from the water carrying a half naked girl. FML
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So let me get this straight: You feel the need to tell us that you dove "perfectly," indicating that you're a prima donna. Then, because you're a prima donna, you made a big show of splashing around in the water and freaking out like you were drowning instead of just blushing and looking around like a normal person. Then, when someone jumped in to rescue you, you continued to cry and panic instead of snapping back to reality and telling the person you were ok, and didn't think to stop even as he started dragging you back to the side of the pool? How did you not deserve it?


haleyisawsomee 0

omg I would have gone rip shit before he dove in lol

Physcomerk 0

ydi for bein a women and not cookin mi somethin to eat and leavin the kitchen!

sharpl916 0

Oh, I bet he did it knowing she was naked! Otherwise I would leave that job to the lifeguard ≧〱≦

what a gentleman only a fyl if your butt ugly

so your mouth was sewn shut as he was bringing you out ? okay .

You would have been more than "half naked" if you had your whole bikini on. I'd call that 90% naked.

Dear Psychomerk when you spell me with an i you look like a retard. Love pobble

pipp360 0

or he saw a half naked girl in the pool and dove in after her

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Phycomerk You cant even spell 'me' or Physco. Wth is that? Do you mean Psycho? Get it straight you moron. And **** off, nobody cares about that you think women should be in the kitchen. Get off your lazy ass and go COOK for yourself.

So are you saying that all women are supposed to do is cook? Because if you are, may I know your address so I can show you exactaly how strong women can be (and how much smarter).

Please, do not feed the troll. I implore you.

JoMan112 0

@ #99 - no its like a top piece and a bottom piece and the bottom piece came off

crazylady654 0

LMFAO!!!! GO IN THE KITCHEN AND MAKE ME A SAMMICH!!! lol i'm a woman, but its ok to laugh at yourself sometimes :)

Psychomerk just trolled the shit out of you lot. Nice one (Y).

you implores me ey? well I implores you to give yourself a cookie for that statements :)

Do u notice the marks keep getting reset like fly or ydo

phail, that's hot btw, any **** writers here?

"The girl emerged from the water, dripping and naked from the waist down. upon seeing this the guy tore off his swim trunks... and the rest is history." Well, I gave it a shot.

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at least you didnt rip your pants

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why didnt you stop him befor he dove in or find your trunks insted of leting some little kid find them floting around and scar them for life.

you liked it. you guys probley got together after that for a fun night;D hahaha

Hahaha I know!!! typo on the login though :[ mini fail

Ajjas013 6

This comment is a big fail. There you go :) Now you don't look so stupid :D

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go down to my comment :P Porno story galore. LOL

Ajjas013 6

Love Story - Taylor Swift parody. Here's Porno Story feat. Justin Beiber - Miley Cyrus!

Did the guy save you? You didn't drown right?

ikr lifeguards tend to be pretty hot but I one time I needed one (stung by a weaverfish at the beach) there were only women on duty :(

umm wasn't there one like this a few weeks ago?

ajjas you got half respect from me now, you no longer have a hood halfway up and your tongue out, congratz

ravensunnyd 0

why would she be wereing a bakini if she was fat?

I'm thinking the oposite in that maybe she has no ass thus allowing it to fall off so easilly athough she may have been so fat she stretched and ripped it

FYLDeep 25

This should be one of the illustrated ones.

Giorgio272 2

dang baby at least you gave a little bit of a show. I am sure some people appreciated it. celuite ain't funny though.

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I've seen fat people with a bikini on before.

I seriously doubt the OP will do it just for you Mr. Pedophile

TheBreaKer_fml 0

88 was that the worst experience of your life?? i know it would be mine

xoconnie 8

lets use the word overweight not fat. lmfao

flashback.miss 28

why not? :/ if youre nto morbidly obese lets be proud! =3

I think Mr.Lifeguard knew you weren't "drowning". Fyl indeed.

ydi for not buying a swimsuit that actually fits you.

sourgirl101 28

Even if you wear a swimsuit that fits it still can come off. What's the big deal? The naked form is beautiful. Stop being so shy.

KurouTenshi 0

are the two of you of age? cause this sounds like the intro to a really epic Porno. you, half naked from your dive. him, hung from staring at barely clothed barely legal bitches all day. as the sun sets, he takes you. and after he finishes, you spit out the water and finally come to.