By craphanded - 19/07/2011 17:45 - United Kingdom

Today, I saved a bird from being run over as it lay in the middle of the road. Thinking it had a broken wing or something, I started carrying it home, intending to take it to the vet later. It crapped in my hand and flew away. FML
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That's how it thanks you. Tsk tsk. This generation of birds are disrespectful.


He was mad you ruined its suicide attempt.

A-b-b-bird bird bird. The bird is the word!

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man,that guy just got punked by a bird!

why do so many FMLs involve shit lately? it's like we are going through a shitocolypse

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i know if i hear "well that sounds like a shitty situation" one more time.... i just might shit myself.

wow, 45, that would be a shitty situation, too! shitty situations

You didn't save my life; you ruined my death!! Now all the superheros like OP will have to go into hiding..

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it was aware of your intentions

why do birds suddenly appear every time that we're near?

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56- (soils trousers) you... *******... asshole.

well that could be a good thing... do you have a poop fetish?

op have you ever heard if angry birds?...

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Well I admire your compassion for animals.

109 - He'll yes! I'm happy the reference was picked up! xD

well you did what you were supposed to do, so well done :)

Flockz, don't forget to write an FML about it...

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this is why i hate some birds

really?? you dont like birds Bc you once tried to help one and it dumped on u then flew off. is this a common occurrence?????

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^^ wow smartass maybe this is an example of why i don't like birds

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That's how it thanks you. Tsk tsk. This generation of birds are disrespectful.

I know, birds these days.. back in the old days, the worst they'd do is window kamikaze, now they're learning new tricks!

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maybe he was tryna commit suicide lls

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Strange? Every time I approach an uninjured bird it tends to fly away. I don't know it might just be my face...