By craphanded - 19/07/2011 17:45 - United Kingdom

Today, I saved a bird from being run over as it lay in the middle of the road. Thinking it had a broken wing or something, I started carrying it home, intending to take it to the vet later. It crapped in my hand and flew away. FML
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Well at least you tried to help it.

That's how it thanks you. Tsk tsk. This generation of birds are disrespectful.


Well at least you tried to help it.

get pooped on! :)

He was mad you ruined its suicide attempt.

Tried being the key word.

Don't you know about the bird?

A-b-b-bird bird bird. The bird is the word!

Hmmm, I was aware that everyone had heard...

flockz 19

sounds like an angry bird.

Jakaroo 0

man,that guy just got punked by a bird!

why do so many FMLs involve shit lately? it's like we are going through a shitocolypse

flockz 19

i know if i hear "well that sounds like a shitty situation" one more time.... i just might shit myself.

wow, 45, that would be a shitty situation, too! shitty situations

You didn't save my life; you ruined my death!! Now all the superheros like OP will have to go into hiding..

extrovertical 0

it was aware of your intentions

It's the thought that counts:)

why do birds suddenly appear every time that we're near?

flockz 19

56- (soils trousers) you... fucking... asshole.

well that could be a good thing... do you have a poop fetish?

op have you ever heard if angry birds?...

62- incredibles reference?

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Well I admire your compassion for animals.

109 - He'll yes! I'm happy the reference was picked up! xD

^Lol, autocorrect failure..

well you did what you were supposed to do, so well done :)

Flockz, don't forget to write an FML about it...

that was a shitty situation

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sockmunky 3

this is why i hate some birds

Constipation Don't underestimate it.

really?? you dont like birds Bc you once tried to help one and it dumped on u then flew off. is this a common occurrence?????

sockmunky 3

^^ wow smartass maybe this is an example of why i don't like birds

PushMyButtons 5

you scared him shitless

That's how it thanks you. Tsk tsk. This generation of birds are disrespectful.

I know, birds these days.. back in the old days, the worst they'd do is window kamikaze, now they're learning new tricks!

"constipation" it can kill.

Just be happy it wasn't one of those black bomb birds.

angry birds reference anyone?

apparently not..

Very happy

it just had gas

I like your picture


But no cookie... those are all mine...

I got 99 cookies, cuz a bitch ate one

Damn it! That was your cookie?

Way to beautiful

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maybe he was tryna commit suicide lls

RabidBunny 10

Strange? Every time I approach an uninjured bird it tends to fly away. I don't know it might just be my face...