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  Gracey__  |  1

You're all so mean.. this guy could be absolutely gorgeous for all you know.
None of you have any idea how hard it is when you have acne, feeling constantly self-concious and nothing ever works.
Seriously, I've tryed every f*cking thing for my skin, and still nothing works - olay, clearsil, proactiv... what a pile of b*llocks. They just dry up your skin, and yet your face stays plastered with spots.
Don't listen to any of these wankers, things'll look up (:

  Failed_Again  |  0

I agree with the people saying it dries your skin, but my friend uses this stuff called: Oxy. It works really well for him, so you guys should try it. And just a thought, having acne doesn't necessarily mean that you're ugly.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

Dude. I actually really love the majority of Asians I meet and am aware that you can't generalize a whole continent of people for the actions for a few.
That being said, my comment was kind of referring to stuff like "2 Girls, 1 Finger" where it just happens to establish a pattern of Asian girls in porn doing a lot of nasty shit.


#9 - are you really that stupid that you just wrote 'realler'?
wow .
btw , you know what would make me laugh .. if this was a chick . hahaha . some chicks shave their eyesbrows cuz they don't wanna wax or anything