By ugh - 01/10/2009 15:49 - United States

Today, I realized that I can't shave my unibrow because I have too much acne on my forehead. FML
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Is it wrong that I wanted to barf after reading this?

No it isn't, I was about to post that this FML made me nauseous. :]

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Tweezers.. Meet your worst nightmare.

Lol, at least Jar Jar Binks thinks you're cute. =P

#133, i love you! lol! OP: tweezers? wax? proactiv? clearisil? various acne creams and face wash? all these things could solve your problem!

You're all so mean.. this guy could be absolutely gorgeous for all you know. None of you have any idea how hard it is when you have acne, feeling constantly self-concious and nothing ever works. Seriously, I've tryed every f*cking thing for my skin, and still nothing works - olay, clearsil, proactiv... what a pile of b*llocks. They just dry up your skin, and yet your face stays plastered with spots. Don't listen to any of these wankers, things'll look up (:

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shut up #160....I mean like does anyone care ?

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I agree, this is gross. EXTREMELY gross. >:P

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#182 your the ****** that does the threading go help this poor person out.

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i know wht you mean. everything DOES dry up your skin and thats pretty much all it foes. none work!

don't worry OP . eventually the acne will fade away :)

I agree with the people saying it dries your skin, but my friend uses this stuff called: Oxy. It works really well for him, so you guys should try it. And just a thought, having acne doesn't necessarily mean that you're ugly.

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not at all. feeling the same way actually.

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I have the same problem/: try oxy. it helps a little(:

See a dermatologist. Their stuff is ineffective too, but slightly less ineffective.


Ladies love guys with a buttload of zits and a unibrow :D

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Who cares? You're not dating anyone anytime soon. Don't choke it in front of a mirror, you might gross yourself out.

There are ***** out there for this reason. They're so easy a caveman can do them, even without shaving the unibrow first.

Go find an Asian one, they love normally sickening bodily substances. She'll share it with her friend.

I've heard about that **** star that was a washout here, but was big in the Asian countries: Lance Boyles.

Dude. I actually really love the majority of Asians I meet and am aware that you can't generalize a whole continent of people for the actions for a few. That being said, my comment was kind of referring to stuff like "2 Girls, 1 Finger" where it just happens to establish a pattern of Asian girls in **** doing a lot of nasty shit.

Aww, I understand, Didier. That one was a bit...harsh. No hard feelings.

The word fugly comes into mind, but anyways just chill till your out of your puberty or whatever

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OP: dont trip, it happens to alot of people. use benzaclin, SERIOUSLY it works

this **** my life, couldnt get any more realler...

#9 - are you really that stupid that you just wrote 'realler'? wow . btw , you know what would make me laugh .. if this was a chick . hahaha . some chicks shave their eyesbrows cuz they don't wanna wax or anything

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eww. sorry...I suggest tweezers Hun, no pain no gain..although luckily I've never had to touch mine.