By unloved - 01/10/2009 14:25 - United States

Today, during an argument with my daughter she screamed "everyone hates you!" and stormed off. I flopped down on the couch in frustration where the cat jumped on my lap. "You love me, don't you?" I asked the cat. She crapped on my leg and went to my daughter's room. FML
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Why is your daughter talking to you like that?

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Just be careful when your daughter holds the cat, looks at you and chants, "Kill, kill, kill" with that vacant blank stare.

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WTF? The first thing you do is ask your cat if she loves you? Why didn't go after her and knock some sense into her? Heck, why did you let her talk to you like that in the first place? YDI for bad parenting.

No, I'm thinking more like a Willard thing with a cat instead of a rat. The idea of training an animal to do your dirty work for you is where that came from.

#48 - Shut up. Seriously, just shut the **** up. I can't stand that as soon as somebody says "knock some sense into your kid" that it automatically translates into your thick skull that they meant for them to kick the shit out of their own kid. A few smacks never hurt anybody, and isn't ******* "child abuse". A child shouldn't mouth off to her mother and be allowed to get away with it. "Time outs" and "groundings" only go so far, too. **** that pussy shit. I really fear for the future generations when we have a whole bunch of ******* hippy people who are completely and utterly against a good ol' fashioned smack here and there. "OH NOO THAT'S CHILD ABUSE! THAT'S TERRIBLE!" No, it's NOT. Our parents/grandparents got much worse, and all the grandparents/parents I know personally turned out to be pretty good people with a good head on their shoulders. I'm not talking about punching or anything that would leave marks. It's called discipline.

I completely agree with that. When I have a kid and it acts up, I'll smack them. I was raised that way and see nothing wrong with it.

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Rijy dude, that's 100% absolutely correct. I come from an urban background and when I misbehaved, I knew I'd get my ass beat, **** screaming child abuse, because if she was goin to jail, my mom would send me to Hell before she got there! Seriously, if people are afraid to beat their kids for their smart ass mouths, imagine grandkids at age 3 saying "**** YOU BITCH NO ONE LOVES YOU!".

Rijiii, Maybe you're just lucky, but I can think of at least a dozen people of the current parent/grandparent generations that are awful, irrational people. Hitler? Ted Bundy? Shall I name more? I know you said the ones you personally know, but still, the fact that so many examples exist makes me think there's a bit more to it than corporal punishment vs. none. That being said, I think you're pretty much right that kids, at least until they are old enough to be reasoned with, need a smack now and then. Just enough to make them realize they can't get away with whatever the hell.

well intoxicunt, also realize that in addition to the spanking and discipline that involves some hitting, there are also a number of other ways to let your kids feel loved or let them know, rationally, why you're hitting them. a lot of kids turn out bad because of negligence, indifference, and a family that is altogether unloving. if you give your kids love and let them know what it means to have discipline at the same time, i'm sure everything will be fine.

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I agree with 49. No disipline = brats.

I fear for the future where every parent is a psychopathic bitch who hits their own kids. o.O

Intoxicunt, Im still not sure why you brought up Hitler and Ted Bundy. Hitler was batshit crazy and his genocidal antisemitism probably had nothing to do with childhood beating (more likely the fact that he was kicked out of art school, and the head of the school was Jewish) and Ted Bundy was just batshit crazy.

Intoxicunt, yes, you do need to name more. While Hitler and Ted Bundy were some messed up bastards, you can't use them as examples. That's two people. There are nearly 7 billion people on the planet, most of which are not as bad as those two. Your argument is invalid.

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#48 i couldnt agre more, id smack that child a good one, it aint abuse. "Spare the rod, spoil the child"

if I said that to my mom she'd whip out the broom and beat the she out of me. in fact when I was 15 I called my sited stupid in front of my mom andshe took of the handle of our vacuum and bruised my arm in 7 different places. I just sucked it up and took the eating. stupid kids now get a tap on the back of their head and they run straight to the phone and call the child abuse hotline! >:^[

she= shit sited= stupid eating= beating I fail at typing

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hahahahhahaha im sorry but ur daughter was right

Why is your daughter talking to you like that?

because she's such a terrible mother even the cat hates her. do you think that would produce a good kid?

lol i just remembered that show that used to be on nickelodian with that talking monkey and the family with the ginger girl who talks to animals

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Your cat and daughter totally rocks

Your cat just gave you a Cleveland Steamer.

Give her an Alaska Pipeline in return!

That's animal cruelty. Just take off your pants and let the cat kiss you to make it better. You know, cats love the smell of tuna...

Yeah, but those rough tongues can be, well, rough.

Nice and exfoliating. Gets rid of crotch dandruff. -I just barfed a little in my mouth. But hey, at least I didn't barf in YOUR mouth.

Now I am DEFINITELY not getting that tongue-piercing you are always getting after me about!

I know that they make "cats eye" cbr piercings... I don't know about a cat's tongue pierce though. although perhaps we could start a new fad... instead of tongue piercings we could do tongue coverings. cat, cow, dog, lizard would be particularly interesting. New fashion statement, sex enhancement device, and crotch dandruff remover all in one. I can see the infomercial already...

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Pft, if I had a child who spoke to me like that it wouldn't get fed for a week

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Cats are evil, what are you talking about?

Yeah except you can tell when a cat is going to take a shit so.. I'm pretty sure this is just a retardedly fake one.

What makes it a bit funnier is that I was /just/ shown (no seriously like five minutes ago) gratuitous amounts of affection from one of my cats. Only just the coincidence... I can't believe the cat's still in your house if it shat on you though. We fling our cats out the door pronto when they pull that stunt, unless they have a reason to.